Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ancient work :-)

 When we were recently talking samplers  at Petit Pointers, the international stitchers'group, I remembered some miniatures samplers I made years and years ago.
I cannot pretend that I design samplers- I don't. I do the "collecting"of the motifs, though. These motifs were stolen from RL samplers and the colors are pretty much the same of the old ones, as they look now. Reds and black kept up nicely, but yellow, blue and greens have faded over the years.
I stitched them on 54 hpi silk gauze with DMC\. That seems to be impossible, but at the time nobody told me, so I simply made them .

If anybody who likes stitching ( x stitch, Petitpoint, crewel) and would like to join, please do! We stitch in all sorts of ways and nobody has to be ashamed if you do 22 hpi canvas; we are all happy to cheer you along the way and to help you if you want some help.
We do not exclude anyone working on lower counts. We do not exclude anyone who wants to join us and have fun, period.

One of our  rules is that stitching is supposed to be fun.
We are chatterers big time, though :-), so if you are looking for a  quiet time on the web you are out of luck there.

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  1. The samplers are gorgeous Elly!!!!! HaHa now I don't feel so bad stitching with DMC on 58 count, I didn't know about silk at that stage and I will have to do it again as two of the things I stitched are part of seat covers for six dining room chairs and I simply refuse to do them again!!!!!!