Thursday, June 12, 2014

Postie came along yesterday

and brought me these famtastic porcelain thingies ( one jug , one chocloate set) , made by Marsha Hedrick .

Here are pics I snagged ( again!)  from her site ,

                                                            chocolate jug

                                                              and pitcher    

Beautiful , aren't they ?

For the time being I put them into my roombox, as the Kendrew House is inaccessible, being swathed in blankets and sheets during kitchen renovation :-)

Here goes:

                                    First : Chocolate set complete(replaced original pic)

                                    The set is in the left corner of my roombox right now :

 and when you look at the chair on the right, you will see the little bag my friend Lisa stitched for me :-) !

That wonderful jug with landscape went into the right hand corner :

like this:

 And here is the whole circus again !

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bad picture...Update!

But finally an update on the Accursed Aubusson!

Here is where I left off in November :

And I picked it up last month again, after having discovered I could actually use my shoulder :-). Since ironing is not exactly what I do want to do right now ( bit hard as yet), however, I scanned the thing.

I had hoped to get on a bit more , but RL kitchen remodelling ( taking place right NOW)  plus, of course , hours of daily exercise for shoulder plus physio plus keeping up with RL routine chores does take more time and energy than I had reckoned with. We will be allright, though, and I am finally hoping to get there - once , in a dim and distant future !