Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Witches grunged and done

Petra ( who is a  wiz at knitting and crochet ) made two nice shawls for the old ladies. I did warn her that they would not go easy on their new clothes , but Peta did not seem to mind...

here are the shawls as I received them :

The I gave them to the old biddies , and oh dear


I also grunged the clothes and added some bangles from a bracelet I happened to see in a shop when checking out buying some knitwear. The bracelets were horrid, but the bangles contained a five-pointed star, keys (big)  a lock, etc. So some of them were nicked by them , too .

Anyway, here are the gals in close-up

No 3 wiill be finished later on !

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last down !

And here is gal # 3 , she is heading for the pub

Wot she , ugly ? Don't let her hear that ,you will be for it!!

Two down, one to go

 Remember I had recently ( finally) started on the doll kits made by Nancy Cronin?

This was on Sept 27 when I had given them shoes, stockings, and pants ( after having put them together).

Two of the gals have now been dressed. They will get a  shawl, once I have located a sock I can vandalize for better use.
The dresses don't look much, but I can assure you that a lot of hard work was put in! Esp as I tend to sew whatever I can.
the hats are leather, btw

Elga wondered where they were going to live, so for her benefit I am adding a pic of this "room". A nice kitsch-y wooden lantern. which has to be dressed up , of course.
Elga, it will live in the guestroom.... :-) Hope you are not afraid of witches having a teaparty while you are trying to sleep!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A great story & Miss Havisham and Saoirse

About 7 weeks ago I bought ( at the Miniature on line show) two dolls from Jain Squires , Miss Havisham and a lady called Saoirse. The dolls looked both as if they would fit very well into my grisly Vic Newey pub ( the grisly story is told here ). Maybe Miss havisham would need a room of her own in the future , but in the meantime I thought she could do very well in the pub.

Alas, time went by and no dolls. So Jain, sweetly , promised to make me a replacement .She was already working on it, full steam ahaed.

And then teh miracle happened : the wandering dolls did turn up, after all !!! Both of us very happy.

I wanted to tell this story because I was very happy with how Jain handled the problem ; I owe her big time for the nice way she took it.
The new Miss Havisham will probaly travel to Kensington ( she looked great, btw )

This is Saoirse ( right hand, to the back. The innkeeper is doll by Jamie Carrington) :


And her is Miss Havisham, sitting by the fire, among remnanrts of forgotten guests...

( the whole front, ground floor & first floor)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Working on Witches and a Wench

I am currently workimg on dressing some wqitches made by Nancy Cronin )  actually they were made for a MSATminidolls project in 2010 or so  , but I simply did not get to it, m0ostly being sucked up by the BBB, I am afraid.
Whatever, here we are and after several days of hard work, this is less or more where I have got

You can see that a lot is still to be done, trims, wigging, draping , etc. Still, they have their shoes on, and all of them have hats waiting for them ready to wear. I made two witches´hats

( this is actually both from a tutorial on Gina Bellous site and a tutorial placed into Dolls House Miniatures  issue 215 by Kastle Kelm Miniatures.

Off now, as I will stop again for two days, due to festrivals coming up !

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tiffany has been here one year

                                           and she has developed from a very scaredy little kitty

into a quite happy relaxed gal, that just loves to play and is open to the whole world! And Fluffy, I am happy   to say, has got over his depression .

She actually knows my aerobic routine so well, that she comes near as soon as I get into the stretching routine, which she likes, as I will be able to stroke her. Of course, she is very careful while I am hopping up and down :-). She also happily sleeps on my bed, like the other two cats and loves t big time. Each morning I am awakened by a little smiling kitty face ( she does have a smile, I assure you).

I actually did a lot of miniwork ( for me, that is) today, but not much to show for it yet. Pics will come up in the next days, I hope!