Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tiffany has been here one year

                                           and she has developed from a very scaredy little kitty

into a quite happy relaxed gal, that just loves to play and is open to the whole world! And Fluffy, I am happy   to say, has got over his depression .

She actually knows my aerobic routine so well, that she comes near as soon as I get into the stretching routine, which she likes, as I will be able to stroke her. Of course, she is very careful while I am hopping up and down :-). She also happily sleeps on my bed, like the other two cats and loves t big time. Each morning I am awakened by a little smiling kitty face ( she does have a smile, I assure you).

I actually did a lot of miniwork ( for me, that is) today, but not much to show for it yet. Pics will come up in the next days, I hope!


  1. It sounds like everyone is happier with Tiffany in the house--that's great news! I have a new guinea pig that I hope will be as well-adjusted one year from now! Thanks for the update, Elly! xo Jennifer

  2. Awww Tiffany is beautiful & so is Fluffy! So glad to hear what good pals they are! x

  3. Sounds like you will be kept warm this winter,we have almost 'adopted' a stray, or rather she has adopted us. But she doesn't come inside, the dog scares her off. We think she may be in the family way, or maybe gets a feed from everyone around here, hehe. It would be nice if she could settle in as well as Tiffany.

  4. They look so sweet playing together and I am so happy Tiffany gives you so much joy.

  5. It doesn't feel like a year already! So lovely that Tiffany has settled in so well and that all the family has adapted so well. Hugs, Sandie