Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A miniature booth

Since the Jewish Festival of Booths ( Sukkot) is nearing, I took out my miniature sukka.
I made it ages ago, painted the wooden walls after one from S. Germany , which is on exhibit in the Israel Museum. Then I steal some dolls , silverware and animals from my dolls houses and the family is ready to go !
One day , though ( have been saying this since years ) I need to make a big bowl of chicken soup. It can be chilly out there, even though I hid a small heater in it....Soup-with-rain is a remarkably consistent feature of our menus during this festival. OK , lets not overdo it. I will definitely leave out the rain.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Some stitchers freebies

Here is a neat one :

It is a chart from the site of Caron .

HERE are lots more , just click.Here , too , and here , as well !

Many of the designs can be used for miniature projects.

Finished stitching a carpet yesterday

A design by Lucy Iducovich ( sorry , she has no website ). The carpet still has to be finished , though - I think I had better read my own tutorial again :-) here , first , as I tend to forget what I did last time !

Btw , talking about websites for stitchery : yesterday I received a newsletter from Bobbie Schoonmaker ; she has redesigned her website and added lots of very nice new designs , too. Check it out !
( and no , I am not a shareholder , a very happy client , though ...) Her designs are great , well printed and easy to stitch .

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Angry witch done !!

After I had had some decorators in the house and spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing around, I decided to take a mini-day off yesterday.
As told, I had acquired a witch-kit by Nancy Cronin ( left over from the Sturbridge class ). Due to all that decorating I had to shelve her ( the witch , that is ! ) at the time, but yesterday I did take her out and had a go.
The kit went together like a dream. The face is really mad ( the scene is called : the bad-tempered witch , spell gone wrong ) and I laugh each time I see it.

Thank you so much , Nancy , for this entertaining kit . I loved doing this !

baby dressed

Some weeks ago I bought this cuuuuuuuuute baby doll , made by Debbe Mize.

BUT- , although I can do dressing ( i.e. sewing ) I am definitely not a knitter or crocheter. So I asked a very sweet friend of mine, Petra, to do some dressing for me.
Yesterday the postman came and brought me this beautiful little outfit ! Isn't it clever ????!!!!!

Huge thanks to Petra !!!