Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A miniature booth

Since the Jewish Festival of Booths ( Sukkot) is nearing, I took out my miniature sukka.
I made it ages ago, painted the wooden walls after one from S. Germany , which is on exhibit in the Israel Museum. Then I steal some dolls , silverware and animals from my dolls houses and the family is ready to go !
One day , though ( have been saying this since years ) I need to make a big bowl of chicken soup. It can be chilly out there, even though I hid a small heater in it....Soup-with-rain is a remarkably consistent feature of our menus during this festival. OK , lets not overdo it. I will definitely leave out the rain.

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  1. Hi Elly....left you an award at my blog... come on over pick it up
    hugs Karin