Sunday, January 11, 2015

More Cobweb !

recently some more halfscale items ( from ebay and Homes in Miniature ) did come in, and this week I made up some kits of Jane Harrop . I justput some of them in.

Here are some of the thingies I bought:

                                                          Jelly chest


                                                             drawer  chest

                                 Wash stand and a beautiful set of porcelain, jug and basin:

                                                Sorry for the pic, but here it is....

                                                 And, of course, I could not resist that doggie !

                 Still- beams to be added, plus lights to be installed !! Will have to wait, though.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Reanimated Cobweb inside

OK, here are some pics of my sweet little Cobweb (1/24 scale) after the operation :-) . One can still see the mistake, of course , but it is not really a problem , the house  is accessible and can be viewed quite well.

That so-called "slate"floor was made by scoring, painting and satin-varnishing cardboard. Eccept for cutting the whole carboard to measure  fit in, no hard measuring  etc. I always prefer to do things the easy way !!!

And now the fun part- furnishing , decorating ( and, I hope, some dolls!!)