Sunday, November 18, 2012

Witches teaparty getting on !

Like I said before, I hought a kind of "garden lantern" as a container for my witches'tea party. Today the ladies moved in, althpugh no tea , as yet, but they can have a  sit down and have their pets ( frogs, bats, rwo black cats and a big bat) with them Tea etc to follow !

They also received two Harry Potter plants ( or such ) , all these bits & bobs  courtesy of  Georgia Marfels :-)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Linda's opossum

Some time ago  I won a little carved opossum , made by Linda Masters ( dealing as Miracle Chicken Miniatures).

No prizes for guessing where it went, it is happily hanging upside down next to my Critter House, of course !

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Apeldoorn show

Last Sunday I visited the Apeldoorn show ( used to be located in Arnhem) and I did a lot of shopping !!! If you want to see everything , you can access my Photobucket album here . For a  blog post it will be too long and boring, to the boot, so will keep it to some of the things - randomly selected- :

A wonderful cupboard by Chris Malcolmson:

A little side table by Gradus Ulfman

                                                              Teaset by Stokesayware

                                             Glassware and porcelain basket by Mika Matsuda ( Japan), no website,alas,but you can see- hopefully- more of her work here .

                                                                    glassware by Gerd Felka

                            Some things for my Four candles shop :-). mostly by Miniarche and Ria Odijk
                                                          ( sorry, Ria has no website)

                                       and many wonderful thingies by Georgia Marfels 

                                                         like  hungry rats on strike

                                                          mammamouse and babies

hungry plants

                                                                       little wizards

                                                       and some clay, glue , etc...
                                                          all in all a great show !!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Painting by Kay Burton

Some time ago I saw an article written about Kay Burton who makes lovely paintings. As I was searching for something over an overmantle in my roombox and no mirror that I saw would fit ( usually too big, or too small and wrong shape) I contactd her and asked whether she would de prepared to paint something for me ( "romantic lady in blue ";if you are an opera lover, you will know the Zefirelli version of La Traviata).To specific size, like the gent who buys 300 meters of book at the auction house to fill the library !

As you can see, she came up trumps!

Here is the pic she sent me 

                                                and here it is in its new home

                     ( yeah I know, roombox is rather empty as yet, will get better by time :-) )