Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A sidestep ( a BIRD!!!!)

Some days ago a bluetwit ( mini) landed in my mailbox, courtesy of an Ebayseller( Veronica). Today I rehomed it ; the cage ( courtesy of Holly , another Ebayseller) will be hung into the kitchen of my Kendrew house.
Birds were often used as an indicator to see if the air was still oxygenated enough( one can imagine, with those fires going on all the time, a bit of smoke was quite usual...)

The inside front

Windows are irresistible for kittys...
You can throw the geraniums about and look innocent

Or you can try and catch the birds from behind the glass
or wash yourself

and you can go to sleep if those pesky kittens let you !!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

make a kitty pillow

One day my black and white was lying asleep in a kitty-knot.
Since I do some designing of animal portraits , I was suddenly inspired to make a pillow of the little guy.

This is how it looks !

If you need a symbol chart and color key , please contact me; I haven't yet figured out how to translate the color key to JPEG, I am a digibete....!

If you want me tot stitch this one for you , you can also contact me.Just leave a reaction.

All designs I publish here are free for use , but please consider a donation to animal welfare.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The cat lady's house

Let me tell you something about this house.

It is called "Pluk"after one of my cats. He was a great guy, a stray I adopted. he was full of love for everyone and everything. He loved little children, educated two babycats with great devotion and always wanted to be there if there was something or someone to nurse, be it a sick cat , a sick me or anything else needing help.
When other cats came home from the vets'( for whatever reason ) he awaited them near the door and got them into home mode within three minutes flat.
He even went as far as trying to assist when a Cesarian on a black cat was shown on the tv, trying to pluck the yelping kitty babies from the screen. I must have pics of that somewhere, so I will dig them out soon.

Alas, he died of a trauma, probably by someone who was in my house. I still get mad thinking about it,and kicking myself , of course. But I never thought that would happen...I thought he was safe here.

We still miss him ! One of the other cats was really clinically depressed for some years after he died.Fortunately , since last year , he has picked up again and is a playful kitty once more.

This oil paint portrait was a comission , painted for me by Ellie de Lacey. I hung it on the inside of the front of the house.So I keep his memory alive : one of the sweetest cats I ever met in my life.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The kitty sofa

Since I obviously love cats and minis,I
recently decided to demolish a sofa , as
would be done by mini-cats.
I had a whale of a time, as the kitties
would have had , as well...
It still looks a bit too neat , though.
Guess I need to do some more demolishing....

and another house :

The Highwayman, built by Vic Newey , UK.
It is a rough pub , where sometimes rich people wander in , never to be seen again
Still a lot to be done on this one .

Other pics here :

dolls houses and miniatures

Besides cats , I also live together with several dolls houses .
The real whopper is this Kendrew house. It is BIG and HEAVY !

How the rest looks you can find out here :


On the right : my cat-lady's house. She is that old lady who adopts all strays that nobody wants.
Last count there were about 80 kitties living in here.
The album is at :


Here is the Victorian house, built by Anglesey, Wales. The basement consists of two shops. The house came in two crates to Amsterdam...
Pics of the inside here :

OK , here we are :
me ( that is the pic on the sie )

Three cats :Jojo, that is the fat red lady.
She was a stray who lived around the hospital where I work. She led quite a happy and ful- filling life there, being fed by techno-guys; getting fatter and fatter .
Nobody responded to all ads they sent out about her straying around.

When winter came , it was decided that she should really go and live in a real home, however, as she was obviously not a feral cat. So she came to live with me.

Fluffy ( or Pluis in Dutch ) is my shy black and white little brat.
His mother was turned out on the street when she became pregnant. Fortunately she was adopted by a very sweet man , who adopted strays , and searched homes for the whole litter. he kept mom , as he loved her so much.

The beautiful red one , lazily lying on the sofa, is Floris.
He came to me as a kitty teenager of 14 weeks, as his previous mom appreared really allergic to his fur. She has visited him several timnes to see how he is doing and we are all very happy with the arrangement.
Hurray , I am in again !!!
I tried some stoopid things and could not find the button to undo my mistakes, so booted the lot out. But I think I am in business by now.