Monday, May 31, 2010

And there are more cats living here, not only the Famous Patient

Like Fluffy, who is inspecting the wonderful shopping basket on wheels that I bought, and Jojo, who is trying to get some tan lying on the table in the late afternoon sun....

My other pics form Soest can be seen here.

The Soest fair, Germany

Yesterday I went to Soest . It was a bit rainy on the way there, but back it was mostly dry, so I could travel fast, and believe me, I did :-)
I met up with Winnie . We made pics of
each other while photographing each other:-)

Winnie even hadmade a second small tatted cloth for my teraoom, so that the other
table has got one ,too! Isn't is wonderful?
Thank you so much, Winnie!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Visitors from Oz

Yesterday in the evening Charlene and Robert, members of The Camp, came to visit me. They have been travelling all over the world during the last months, mainly the US, and saw several lovely minishows and met many mambers of "The Camp". Of course I had been following their adventures as well as I could. They are really lovely people!
Here are two pics I made of them : Charlene fascinated by my cat lady's house, and Robert looking indulgently over her shoulder from a little distance.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back from Utrecht

Back home again!

The operation went well ( OK, it was just a very small lump in the skin, so no big operation this time).But the best part is, that it looks like the thing is probably just some little epidermal cyst, quite benign and unrelated to nasty sarcomas. We wil have to await the report, of course, of which I hope it will come next week.
Floris is sleeping off his anaesthesia and cannot be disturbed :-). And , apart from a shaved part of his back, his belly has been shaved now, as well. We might just shave him in poodle form and be done with it ?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kitty day again

Today I went again to the Veterinary Faculty in Utrecht with Floris , for a check-up. I noticed a small nodule in his skin( about 2 mms, I think). Since we do not like hard knots in kitties who have already had a sarcoma, it has to be taken out, so next week Thursday I will return there and let him be operated upon ( it is a small operation , of course). Fortunately, the lungs are clear, so there is still a chance that it is not a metastasis. Keeping our fingers crossed, though :-(

I made some other pics of the waiting room. One of the corridor; on the left is the door to the operation theatre. One other pics is of the reception area- the lady with the dog is unknown to me, but the thing next to her, where the dog is sitting , is a weighing - scale. The receptionist can see what the animal weighs on her side of the counter.

The basket shows Floris's backside- the poor thing dives with his nose underneath the jumper I always put into his basket ( "I am not here !") .

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dafna and I

made some garden furniture today...
Our ingredients were embroidery fabric( canvas, actually) and electric wire (the chair nicked from the Freida Gray book , I thought out the trellis). Actually , we are both rather proud of our clever little selves!

The things will be spray-painted , like the old bench Dafna inherited from me ( white, btw, a visit to Halfords is indicated) After which we will fill the trellis with flowers. I think a lot of clematis will look nice, and maybe roses on the other side.....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

And I framed a small sampler

With this biting text!
It is from a kit by Bobbie Schoonmaker ,one of her latest. I stitched it last fall, when I had finished a big rug and did not feel very much like stitching something hard. This was perfect for me to start getting in the mood again.
I forgot to make a frame for it,though , which I did yesterday. Sorry about the pic;as my camera and I are not communicating , or better: the camera has given up talking to both of my computers, I had to scan the thingie and the stitching woud be out of focus, of course. Now it is ready to be hung in one of my houses.I think the maid in my big dolls house( the Kendrew) will like it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


While my kitty was asleep on my seat, I planted little pansies, also wire flowers, into a little white dish. Not exactly artisan, but I think they are recognizable as such.

Basic instructions for wire flowers can be found here .

and here are also some flowers to be found ( Spathyphylum) , using the selfsame technique:

Shelly Norris was the one who taught me; she makes wonderful flowers and her flowers can be found here .

Free day today

Liberation Day in the Netherlands.

I did stitch a bit today, well, quite a bit, actually, but it does not show very much on that big rug I am working on.
By the end of the afternoon my little kitty had had enough and while I had unwisely got up from my sofa, he jumped onto my place....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Morning Glory

Yesterday I made some Morning Glory.As the weather is particularly cold and wet, nothing dried very well, I am sorry to say, so I had to wait till today to plant them into this shallow dish.
Believe it or not , the pics are taken in broad daylight! In the windowsill, no less. Sigh.

This dish , like the white little dish in which I planted the Lily of the Valley, was made by a Dutch firm , Fennicole ceramics , where I always buy supplies like pots and vases, given my mini-flower addiction .

The vase in which my smaller narcissi were put , is by Elisabeth Betler, a great French artist (sorry , no website that I know of). Her adorable pottery is usually for sale at shows here, too.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I made some smaller narcissi

Since I liked the previously made narcissi,but found them a bit big, I remade them , a bit smaller though.
On the left picture you see both batches together, with an Euro in place for measurement, on the right a close-up of this second batch.