Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home again!

After a week the little patient is home from hospital. Of course, he had to take possession of the house again, and of me, cuddling big time when I came home from work ( if the vets read this : my brain won't really suffer from damage by Xrays- nuf said) . Now we will have to wait and see what happens. Probably the tumor is not going to get smaller, but if there is a reaction it would be , that it would not grow bigger in a short time. He has this shaven footballfield on the back again, of course, but it does not worry either of us- or any of the other kitties. They are happy he is here again!

Monday, March 28, 2011

More mouse house

For those who want to see more mice and house pics,you can see the lot here in my photobucket album.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First things in place !

Here we are!
For some reason the blog refused to take my pictures, but I think it will work now( I hope)

During some hours of hard glueing I have placed part of the crockery in place and part of the food; the micies are playing and cooking .
Harley the motormouse is ready for  a race against the turtlemouse( outside); Dad is working on his contraption , the cat beller;mom has got a pudding bowl ( pud to follow), underneath the table is a little mouse that partook of jam; upstairs the kids are playing and the baby is less or more asleep.
Do you see that wonderful apple core next to the apples on top of the dresser ( Mags made the apples and also the blackberries on the table and mushrooms drying in the attic ; they are gorgeous, exactly the right size!) ? I mean, if apples are lying there, it might be very reasonable that one of the mouse kids climbs up from time to time for a  nibble...

First pictures of the Mouse House

Today I fetched the house for Kristy's micies at the Arnhem Fair. I had brought some mice with me. Kate and I put up some mice and furniture inside, and then they called Janet Kirkwood ( editor of DHMS), who took a photograph of it. After which, of course, I took a pic of Peter and Kate posing proudly next to their house!
(sorry, I just discovered that the pics had mysteriously disappeared; have retrieved them via my photobucket album now)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Floris in Utrecht again

Today I delivered my brave little guy in Animal Hospital again. The first pic was obviously taken at home, yesterday when he was happily asleep on my bed.
The second ( the little kitty- turtle ) was made when he was in his hospital -bed, awaiting anaesthesia and treatment.
The third pic is another patient brought in- some patients are bigger than others!
Floris is awake now and seems happy enough , according to Ilone, the student who will take care of the radiation patients this time. We do miss him, though! Big time!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

working on the Kendrew railings

The big Kendrew house has got lovely iron railings with originally golden-colored tops. During the years, however, these are becoming dull.
So yesterday I decided to take my pot of gold paint and re-top them with golden color. I think it is working.
Now that I am at it, I have also taken the grand stairs of the terrace off and repaint these. My dear Floris throws his food around when he is really into it, so remnants of kitty food are all over it, it seems, in spite of regular heavy duty cleaning :-)
Stairs are drying outside now !

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Of mice and their food...

Today I retrieved a package from Mags Cassidy , who made me some wonderful mouse fodder, some nice big apples , that look wonderfully realistic, including an apple core and a very big apple that has been bitten into:-), some lovely mushrooms and several blackberries, which look quite great, too.That gal is a wizard !
One set of mushrooms came ready to hang for drying- aren't they great !!! The house should have some hooks or so on the ceiling, so after next weekend they can be hung somewhere...
This is just a set-up picture to show how they look together with the mice, as I asked Mags to work out of scale ; I needed bigger apples etc than 1/12 to visualize it "in scale". If these were real micies, the apples would need to be carted in, as would the mushrooms. No 1/24 perfection for me in this project, I am afraid!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stacy again

Some ( well, a long) time ago I partly dressed the doll I called Stacy after Stacy Hofmann, who made her and partly decorated her.
Trouble is, she is a wonderful, beautiful doll and her hair ornaments(that Stacy made) are exceptional, so I wanted some dress to go with it. I finally found some brocade which I thought would work, and I tried- it doesn't , not for me, at least.
She and I have been staring at each other for months now while I sought to find an answer for the question how to finish the dress nicely. The answer is : it won't work, whatever I do.
So I have bit the bullet , cut the clothes off and am now trying for another dress, only partly brocade, combined with , probably chiffon. I hope. Well, I do hope it will work...
Some parts have been cut out by now and are drying.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The race can begin!!!

I just unpacked the mouse driving a turtle, made by Kristy, and he and Harley have met.
Like Kristy wrote to me : itis going to be an interesting race , as Harley cannot reach the pedals of his bike and the turtle evidently has no plan to move, at all :-)
The cats look at the racing-team with benign eyes, I think they must be getting used to mice running around here,,,?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

update on Floris

Today I went again with Floris to the Utrecht Veterinary faculty for a check-up
The local tumor is growing big time, but is not growing through into the vertebrae. The Xray showed, though, that his pulmonary metastases had hardlly grown , at all. So the primary concern is now this local process.

Jolle (Kirpensteijn, the professor) is willing to have a second go with the Holmium therapy locally. Of course, we cannot hope to cure him, but we might be able to get some new control on the local tumor, before he gets into pain. We might also try Glivec, a "soft" chemo, used for similar neoplasms in humans, which probably won't have too many side effects, but Jolle will try to glean some info from a colleague who tried that.

Anyway, here is kitty at home again, basking in the sun! He is still his own sweet selfie, jumps onto the counter when I scoop out kitty food and yesterday, one of the first sunny and mild days ( spring is finally here), he played around on the balcony. Clearly he is still enjoying life.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

birthday present

Look what I found when I came home...

A lovely lovely bedspread, crocheted ( not knitted, as I thought at first) by my clever and sweet friend Petra (You may remember her as the lady who also stitched those two Tasmanian critters for another friend). The bedspread is for one of my minibeds; I think the lady in my Victorian house could use it.
The card is lovely, too. The kitty bears a real resemblance to my dear Floris.

Big thank you to Petra!!!!
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Remember Harley

the motormouse?

Recently Kristy made the perfect companion for him....

I hope he won't get lost while travelling here, because Harley is looking forward to have a nice litle race in the house! I would love to have them racing outside, but I am afraid my cats will make of with the pair of them. Mouse-life is hard enough as it is, even without cats prowling about....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Amanda Skinner doll II : Nother pic of the little girl

looking sideways, te seems...:-)
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Amanda Skinner doll

I just saw my postie , who brought a lovely doll ( Elizabeth), made by Amanda Skinner ( USA). Usually I buy kits , I love dressing dolls, but her children are plain irresistable!!! I love it how the little girl seems to be looking in other directions, whichever way you face her. It is very cleverly done .Thank you Amanda!!
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New update !

Here is the March update of the Big Bugger of a Rugger, the Boria 1029.
14 pages done fully, total 49 pages :-)

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

mouse made it

This little mouse travelled all the way over the Big Pond with his own jar of jam, as he ( she?) was happily nicking some. Since s/he is going to meet  mouse-mamma soon, I am not quite sure about his/her immediate future..

I am planning to unpack some mice and some accessories this weekend and have a go at photographing the family. Without their house, as yet, but they will be able to move in in about three weeks. 

Kristy also sent me this little walnut shell, it will be great to have an extra bassinet in case some new baby might arrive, mice are prone to that, I have heard....

Of kitties and Kendrews...

Tuesday last I saw a guy who works in our hospital ; he is one of the technicians and very helpful. He is well liked by everyone, he loves his job.
I had asked him before to help me sort out some dolls house problem. Now I had annother one : my big "posh"house has ginormous stairs. However, after they had been painted ( and it is MDF, staining won't work), they had simply become just a shade too high, so that the door was always jammed tightly and it became hard to open the front properly.
So I asked him whether he would be able to shave a part off and today I took that thing ( only to be taken in the bag of a well-known scandinavian store ) out to the job. And now, after he has spoken to it, it sits much better!!!
And Fluffy , my little brat, loves that bag, of course... :-)