Sunday, September 29, 2013

Birds and kitties :-)

While browsing the web last week I found a wonderful UK maker of tiny birds , Sadie of Tiny Tails miniatures . TWO days after she delivered the parcel to the mail , it arrived here ! Two delightful bluetits , one equally delightful bullfinch.
I put them on Bluebell cottage for the pics . They are hard to photograph due to their size and I am too plain lazy to start fighting with a stand for the camera with my poor little one hand, so if you will allow for the poor quality of the pics, here goes :

She also had  an adorable little piece of 5 kitties, called 5 o'clock tea :

Guess what ? My cat lady got that one....

Friday, September 13, 2013

Soldiering on :-)

After my recent adventure, I am still in shackles (hope to get free of them in 2 weeks). Of course, no mini-ing possible with left paddle pretty useless.

So I decided to buy a clamp and a frame for stitching, to use instead of my left hand. Bought it from Sewandso, an online shop in the UK , this was the stand I chose.
A friend helped me sewing the gauze into some cotton and setting up the frame , yesterday another friend came by and stretched the gauze a bit further. So now I am able to stitch , even if slowly ! This was where I left off inAugust :

and this is where I am now :-)

 (if you look very well, you can see that I am working on a background, the small flowers are more than I can handle for now. still , that background will keep me busy enough for the time being )