Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The secret is out....

During the weeks /months before I went away for holidays,I was working on a little present for Kristy, Peter and Kate, Mags, Linda and Carol, all people who had contributed to my mouse house.
When I came back I posted it out to them. Of course Kristy was the last to receive it, as she lives in the USA(all the other contributors live in the UK), but hers has landed,too.

So taadaaa! Drum roll .... Here it is!

If you want to see and read it, go here , click on preview. Let load a bit. In the lower right hand corner you will find a  button "view full-screen"; this looks really impressive!! ( much more impressive than the real one, hehe)
But I love it to little bits and I am rather proud of it, if I say so myself!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Update on the Big Bugger

While in Switzerland, I did some stitching, too. Well, a lot, actually,but given the lots and lots of little stitches one needs for this, it looks less:-)
Anyway, I did fill out the central medaillon field, hurray! I also did some work on those endless borders.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Back from Switzerland again !

I have been away , holiday-ing in Switzerland (my favourite destination, as I always really recover and de-stress out there.
Here you can see part of the view from the terrace in front of my apartment, it is part of the garden, actually and adjacent to the woods(on the back of where I was standing while taking this pic). It is really quiet, the only sound one usually hears is that of the two loud "brooks"-actually rivers in their teens and as noisy as any teenager- and the light being clear, at might you can see the Milky Way. It is lovely.
This is Pontresina, where I usually stay with a glacier valley  behind it.

One of my favourite digs,Gasthaus Spinas,seated in a small valley.It is only open in summer, nobody lives in the valley, there is only the brook (the Beverin) and the woods, quiet and lovely, good for a  nice and easy walk if one is so inclined.

Filisur, North of the Albulapass, is a very pretty village. This is how it  looks from the railwaystation. I usually make sure to have a coffee out there each year( can't always make it, of course)-another favourite dig!!!

If you want to see more pics , just go here (I am afraid they will look much like 2010, but never mind, one can never have enough of a good thing,can one?

I am back home now, washing has been done and I will soon be in normal mode again, I suppose. I am awaiting something by post which I hope to share with you in some weeks(sorry.., giggle)

In the meantime I took loads of foodstuffs (well, actually chocolate and other nice thingies) with me-bless the car- and the kitchen is LOADED!!!!