Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little sampler

When I visited the Apeldoorn fair last October I saw this sampler kit designed by Janet Granger. I knew of its existence as Carolyn in Texas had already stitched it ( and I thought:" I love this..".)
I stitched it on silk gauze though , as (for me) linen did not quite work well for me.
Then on to framing ( grrrr), but it is done.
I may replace the pic yet, due to the flashlight you can see the reflected lights. In reality, it is not that bad :-)

You can imagine , though  , why I love this little sampler !!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Update on Tiffany

If you wonder how little Tiffany is doing, here is an update : just fine ! She still is that same loving kitty, very attached to her new kitty and human family :-) .Although she is a rather small cat, her tummy has grown quite a  bit, she loves her grub, I am afraid..

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Kendrew house

As you may know ,I did not decorate the outside of my big Kendrew house, as I liked the color as it was. It did get a coat of varnish, though.

The house was standing on an MDF base, though, not really pleasing to the eye, so I had decided to do something with it. Real bricking was impossible, as it would not have been possible to move the big front stairs away to open the centre panel. Vinyl sheets looked AWFUL. So then I decided to have  a go at stencilling with the Bromley craft stencils and I was pleased with the results.

here the house  is as it looks now:

Friday, January 4, 2013

Whooopee !!

Some months ago I started on a set of chairs, stitching desgned by Nicola Mascall, chairs themselves made by David Booth.

Well, stitching is usually the easy part ( although Nicola's charts are challenging :-) ), but I was dreading the finishing part.

Still, having done my Friday chores etc, decided to have a  go. Nicola's instructions are excellent and the stitching does fit the chairs, although one has to pull! And pull!
It is not as perfect a job as Nicola does, but for me... well, I am really happy with them.

I have two other chairs waiting in the wings, but will start on something else first , I think..