Monday, January 14, 2013

The Kendrew house

As you may know ,I did not decorate the outside of my big Kendrew house, as I liked the color as it was. It did get a coat of varnish, though.

The house was standing on an MDF base, though, not really pleasing to the eye, so I had decided to do something with it. Real bricking was impossible, as it would not have been possible to move the big front stairs away to open the centre panel. Vinyl sheets looked AWFUL. So then I decided to have  a go at stencilling with the Bromley craft stencils and I was pleased with the results.

here the house  is as it looks now:


  1. The base looks great with the bricking Elly, and I have always thought your house is beautiful with just the wood.

  2. Een heel mooi geheel zo Elly

    Groetjes Thea

  3. Great job with the bricking Elly. Those stencils are great to use. Have you sealed yours? Hugs Sandie

    1. Yes you have to seal them with nonwater based sealer, as otherwise any water will result in the stuff solving. It worksquite well, actually