Monday, December 30, 2013

Long time no see

But had nothing fun to write about, sorry! I was unstrapped, have been busy trying to coach my shoulder to work nicely again and get back to work . Shoulder, unfortunately, is not listening to me, so I will probably be in for an operation ( prosthesis). But we will see about that later on, I am due for an appointment in 3 weeks.

I did stitch a bit on the Aubusson, not very much , though.

BUT , to show something....

Yesterday a friend ( Helma) came along to adopt my second Kendrew house. It is wonderfully built, but somehow I did not get any inspiration and I finally decided to look for another home for it.
Helma was the taker, she is over the moon and I am very very happy that , instead of sitting dejectedly in a corner of my house, this house is going to be loved. She has lots of plans with it.
She sent money to an animal shelter as a payment ( my usual fee ...)

However , she also made me these lovely presents:

One stitched kitty cushion ( neat , eh?? I love it!!)

And a wonderful open book of Alice in Wonderland

It is beautiful!!!

Later on another friend came to see my collection, she also brought some presents

Two open cans of kitty food for my cat lady

Kitty litter and a litter tub ( sorry, clearly in use :-) )

And some herrings with onions for the lady herself:. Well, if the cats won't snatch them, that is.

She also made a tin of sardines, but they refused to be photographed, the light is hopeless now. Gabriëlle makes the most inventive and fun miniatures.