Sunday, July 31, 2011

But there is also trouble

on the other side of my room, where the mouse house is situated.
Somehow the neighbour, a mr Skunk, who regularly looks deeeeeply into his glass, has shown up on the doorstep and is singing loudly. That wouldn't b so bad, but he  has a bad voice and is off- key all the time. Still, I suppose he is enjoying himself....

One of the little meece  disappeared and has gone to the swing in the garden.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Grisly character in the Kendrew scullery....

I recently found this guy in Patricia Pauls Etsy shop. I mean,honestly- I did resist him for a day or two - and then caved in. He might have had ideas of going to my Highwayman, but no way- he has gone to live in my really posh Kendrew . Poor Molly, who had already jumped on a chair because of some small furry critters ( mice and rats) does not even know she is in BIG trouble.....

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kendrew kitchen again

Last week I saw a wonderful site, the one of Jason Getzan. He produced a DVD of "Morningside Cottage" , the Miss Marple house of Sarah Salisbury, one of my favourite miniatures. It had been in existence since  a long time, but as a video, which I could not see( as I live in PAL country). The DVD opens well, actually and is absolutely worth the 20 bucks spent on it.

BUT while I was there, I saw these wonderful copper pans and things and I have a thing with copper, well, in miniature, that is. He also sells very nice miniknives !
Today I hung the rack with its pans into the kitchen of my Kendrew house. It is a bit hard to drive anything into that ceiling, as it is hard wood and a narrow space, so please do not tell me I need to use a nicer hook or something or I will shout !!!

Since I was fighting with ceilings now, I also decided to hang a bird in a cage into the "beautiful kitchen"; that is where the butler has his writing table and the upper staff have their coffee/tea.

I also hopefully hung ( for the thousandth time ) a spice chest that for some reason ALWAYS  follows Newtons apple. Plonk.Sigh. Now I hope it will remain hanging for some time!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two more little meece

Today they turned up on my doorstep: two more meeces from Kristy. One is a little warlock. I ahve sent him into teh scullery, where, unseen by his parents, he is brewing something dangerous. I expect to hear an explosion any time now.
With him came a little brother, who dressed up as  a  clown, bringing his own popcorn and peanuts ( it always helps when newbies bring in their own food). Since they had travelled together, I left them hanging out there for now, but I will probably evacuate the little clown soon. I mean, he is in real danger....

I am going to have a photosession real soon, as these pics are lousy- but you get the idea!

Friday, July 1, 2011

This is SCARY

Months ago, before I had the mouse house I was webshopping in a bead shop and I came upon this Fimo pendant.
The mouse settlement immediately came to mind, of course, so I bought together with the other supplies I wanted. I had to grunge it, it was too neat, of course, but today it was ready to go into the house.
Since it is next to impossible to pound  a nail in or even make  a hole, I simply decided to glue it in with heavy industrial glue- hoping it will never have to leave place again.

Of course, I hung it next to the kids' bunk- that will teach them being naughty. I mean, see that big spider on babys bed??????? Poor little girl....