Friday, June 26, 2015

Kitty landed

This is going to please Elga : this morning a nice big Maine Coon came to live here :-) .Has actually landed on the table. Should I lay the chandelier down on the floor next to it as , given their weight, s/he must have taken down the whole lamp ???? 

In case you wonder , the cat was made by Reve , she sells on ebay.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Arjen's little table

During tthe Rheda fair I bought two kits from Arjen Spinhoven and this week I put together this little table kit. The kit is well made, easy to do . Painting was a different animal , though. Still, I did my bestest and came up with this (not as neat as he does, but it does look nice ) :

It looks like this  if you look from the ceiling ( have a vision of a doll hanging in the chandelier..)

I think this is one of the first kits I did not mess up big time after my re-entry into miniworld!

Arjen has actually written a tutorial about painting this baby in DHMS # 251

Here is the table with a centimeter, just to get an idea:

Monday, June 1, 2015

Rheda !!! Long post , many pics.

Yesterday I visited the ( yearly ) fair in Rheda, Germany. If traffic is heavy , it can be a very arduous trip, but I was lucky this tme, esp in the morning. Roads were nearly empty so I could floor it ( and I did :-) ) . I even arrived before official opening time, a first for me .

I did restrain myself a bit. I missed several regular sellers, like Julie Campbell and Jain Squires (maybe too soon after Kensington) ; others were there allright, though. Unfortunately forgot to buy some things thatI saw while ambling about, but hope to be able to take care of that sometime later on !

Today I unpacked most of my treasures. 

These two little cherubs were made by Victoria Heredia  ( no website, sorry ). She makes them by hand, are incredibly tiny. Will look great on any fireplace- in a grand house, that is.

Time for tea at Miniaturen Schneider. I had hoped for some sandwiches, too, as they do make the most realistic sandwiches for a teaparty I have ever seen , but these were absent yesterday, alas.

So to comfort myself I bought some additional stuff from Georgia Marfels 

This time no rats or meeces , but rest assured, I WILL be back and she too, life permitting :-)

This little gel from Ankinaki dolls was whining so loudly that I decided to adopt her, providing she stopped bellowing of course 

I gave her a little sleepy cat from Shirley Scheibehenne, probably helped,too to stifle that horrid sound.

Was obvertaken by a wild desire to make a addict of one of the male dolls when I saw this ginormous needle, added an equally ginormous corkscrew. Saw some small plant here too, will do nicely for 1/24 scale:

I had heard of Vitreus Ignis from people who visited the Bishop Show in Chicago ; they were at this fair for the first time. The lady graciously allowed me to take pics at her stand :

And this is what I bought :

Got this little paperweight for free :-)

Of course, I also had to visit Elisabeth Bettler ( or Elisabeth Causeret, never sure which, she is a  lovely lady , unfortunately no website), to get more porcelain in halfscale , which I always loooove!

here is her stand, smaller scales on top ( halfscale on the right two rows, quarter scale on the left)

Caught some more nice halfscale pottery :

Headed for Susan Bembridge's stand , sorry , no pics now, was for wallpaper and flooring. Quality is outstanding. Wallpapers  safely rolled up for now, I am not going to disturb them , but here  you can see the design , the blue one. It is for the roombox, pics later on this post !

Then on to Ray Storey , as I wanted lights for selfsame box.

then some kits from Arjen Spinhoven 

                               ( these pics were nicked from his website to show you what I saw at the fair)

Be sure to check out his website , he has such great chests , some BIGGIES as well !

OK and now the roombox that I ordered at the latest Dutch fair from John Kilner at No1 Elite designs...
It is massive, it is oak, and of outstanding quality. Hmm, seems a  shame to use wallpaper, maybe use templates . Will see .

Front in place ( glaring, of course)

                                   Front glass closes with 4 small magnets, just like that.

                                 Wiring on the back , can chooose battery run or trafo

Inside. All panels can be lifted out. I have got extra sets of all of the with a blanc back too. Plus skirting. Plus a spare ceiling.It is lit, but that is hard to see/show in daylight. I have two packs of different background pics, they can be exchanged quite effortlessly using the selfsame little magnets. Lighting of the background is done by a vertical row of LEDs on both sides, like theater light spots.

And now sagging down , Hope you are still alive. But if you are, try to check out the websites, so many loverly things out there....:-)