Friday, July 20, 2012

Happily stitching again

On a nice little carpet ( kit I bought from Nicola Mascall at the Arnhem fair).  I first set op the borders , to make them meet, using the patterns in them, then set up everything in the centrefield and I am now in the process of doing background. To avoid boredom, I change between borders and centrefield all the time. Actually, there are so many motifs that I don't have much chance getting bored !

This is where I am now, after about 6 weeks .

( I scanned it, so it is not much of a  pic, but you get the idea :-) )

Friday, July 6, 2012

More dolls !

After my last post a conspiracy was formed against this little helpless victim and I received a   mail from Louisa in The Hague who wanted to downsize a bit and asked whether I could give some of her dolls a good home ?

The dolls are lovely ! Today I retrieved the package from the post office and here they are :
This little doll is by Jane Davies. She looks a bit as if she wants a beach or garden to play, which I, unfortunatley , cannot provide right now. But since I have got three roomboxes ( by Dolls House Emporium) lying around, I might be able to do something about that, given some time).
In the meantime, she will be living in the nursery ( grrr, that flash won't get off!!!!).

This set of dolls was made by Jill Bennet . They are sweet , aren't they???

I sent them out shopping.

The girl does the real shopping while he is out to do something naughty I am afraid.Boys will be boys.

And , last but not least, here is another niece, come up to the teashop in town with auntie !
By Marie-France Beglan again, with a beautifully smocked dress.She mopes a bit, though, methinks.