Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sorry guys & gals

I had a lot of anonymous spam on my blog. Tried to weed it out by changing the settings, but I obviously did make the wrong choice, so that only I could comment ! That was not what I meant, at all.

I removed that nasty setting, but am reverting now to the "word" barrier, sorry for that. And very sorry for the inconvenience caused by my mistake .

Thank you for checking out my blog, though :-)


Friday, February 20, 2015

Cobweb , getting there !!!

Cobweb is a Tudor cottage. I read up the book by Brian Long and had a good hard look at the beams inside, as ( although I have never seen a RL Tudor cottage in my life) I was absolutely sure there should be beams in it! If I would have had to follow the pattern outside I would have given up immediately, but fortunately I got away with some  more simple constrictuction on the inside.

So off I headed for a railay model shop, where they sell those nice balsa slats and then - me having off some days and happily mini-ing away- there I went, full steam ahead, cutting ans staining and sticking little beams until I nearly DREAMT beams.

Here we are now:

Of course, I had to take everything out to do this, now it is back again, lighting installed, as well ( and by golly, it works ! ):

I also bought some little canisters and a canister of pickles, both from ebay, made by Sam Dunlap (?)

                                    ( the little bowl of eggs was also added , so sweet !)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Some minitime

Recently found another little friend for Alice in Wonderland. Humpty Dumpty, from Sandra at Tower House Dolls 

Here he is !

And this is  where he is living now :