Friday, June 7, 2013


This week I received three vases I had ordered from Marsha Hedrick waaayyy back in time.OK, OK , not that long, about 5 months or so :-).  When you see the pic you will understand why it takes "some work"to make them ( this clever cookie makes her own porcelain and then handpaints it, as well!)  and also why I was quite prepared to wait!
Well, I was content to wait anyway; since I have been able to live without them for many years, there is no reson to hurry anyone. Here is the pic Marsha published on FB, I nicked it and cut it down as there was another vase there, which was not  mine. Will put on another pic later in time, when I have found the really perfect places for them.

                                                          FANTABULOUS !!!!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Rheda fair!!

Yesterday I went around to Rheda ( and back) with Elga and Josje. It was a  great fair, although several sellers told me it was very quiet. On Sundays fairs have often been quiet ,but the all over tendency seems to get a bit downwards , too.
Still, there were many great sellers/artisans and we had a lovely time.

I fetched a nice (WHAT am I saying?) , correct : a WONDERFUL Dobby doll , made for me by Jain Squires ("Master has given him his sock! Dobby is free!")

And Chris Malcolmson led me from the straight and narrow again with this beautiful chest

                               I bought a Tantalus and a cat from Karon Cunningham.
                               I think the cat was made by Literature in Miniature

Some VERY fine sewing thingies by Jurgen Engel ( sorry, no website)

                                   a pair of working scissors by Edmund Drescher , no website  sorry

                             And some nice bottles of wine from Artofmini 

                                                     Pieces of wonderful thin silk

some foods by Georgia Marfels , no rats this time, but not to worry , we will meet again! Tee hee.

Elga is staying here for a few days and she brought me this lovely Shaker table, made by herself , she is such a great woodworker. I will post a better one when it has a home.

And Winnie ( who we met for lunch , together with her husband) gave me this little fossilized `desert rose`  

In between I did a lot of shopping and picked up this wonderful papercutting by Engelhardt Schmitt. yes, that is not laser , it is miniature and handcut with scissors. he does not do mail order , btw , so if you get greedy you either need to visit the Rheda fair or try to get me grab something for you ...