Monday, June 3, 2013

The Rheda fair!!

Yesterday I went around to Rheda ( and back) with Elga and Josje. It was a  great fair, although several sellers told me it was very quiet. On Sundays fairs have often been quiet ,but the all over tendency seems to get a bit downwards , too.
Still, there were many great sellers/artisans and we had a lovely time.

I fetched a nice (WHAT am I saying?) , correct : a WONDERFUL Dobby doll , made for me by Jain Squires ("Master has given him his sock! Dobby is free!")

And Chris Malcolmson led me from the straight and narrow again with this beautiful chest

                               I bought a Tantalus and a cat from Karon Cunningham.
                               I think the cat was made by Literature in Miniature

Some VERY fine sewing thingies by Jurgen Engel ( sorry, no website)

                                   a pair of working scissors by Edmund Drescher , no website  sorry

                             And some nice bottles of wine from Artofmini 

                                                     Pieces of wonderful thin silk

some foods by Georgia Marfels , no rats this time, but not to worry , we will meet again! Tee hee.

Elga is staying here for a few days and she brought me this lovely Shaker table, made by herself , she is such a great woodworker. I will post a better one when it has a home.

And Winnie ( who we met for lunch , together with her husband) gave me this little fossilized `desert rose`  

In between I did a lot of shopping and picked up this wonderful papercutting by Engelhardt Schmitt. yes, that is not laser , it is miniature and handcut with scissors. he does not do mail order , btw , so if you get greedy you either need to visit the Rheda fair or try to get me grab something for you ...


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, was standing with littie in my hand, looked at it and it looked back and wanted to go home with me, actually...

  2. Beautiful miniatures, Elly. The chest of Chris Malcolmson is wonderful!


  3. ¡Impresionantes las piezas que has comprado! Felicidades:-)

  4. Hello Elly! You have exquisite taste and I love all of your purchases! I am new to your blog and I have some catching up to do but it looks like it will be a real pleasure judging from what I am seeing in this one! Congratulations on all of your new acquisitions. I am sure they will all find a perfect spot within your collection!


    1. Thank you too, Elizabeth! I am not really clever, but I love doing miniatures, making petitpoint , dressing dolls and ,alas, collecting !

  5. Great report Elly - brought back fond memories of my visit last year when I was lucky enough to be with you and Elga for the Rheda fair. You certainly came away with some treasures. Love the doll although I don't know what "Dobby doll" means - is there a story that goes with it? And the chest is stunning!

    1. Dobby is an elf figuring in the Harry Potter stories ! I love most of the books and the films, esp at the beginning.
      Had to think of you, too, Mary Lynne!

  6. You buy the most beautiful things Elly! I have just ordered a few things online from Art of Mini for my next halfscale house - very exciting. You are fortunate to have received some lovely gifts too. Hugs, Sandie

  7. Dobby looks great in his 'natural habitat' Elly! I'll have to watch all of the Harry Potter movies now as I can't remember seeing him.
    Of course I already saw your wonderful purchases 'for real' ;-)