Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We made a batch of roses

And planted them, too. Ummm, the container is plastic from a clear (acrylic)plastic casing round a punch. I spray-painted it with some cream- colored laquer from Halfords and cut it off. It sprays nicely and dries quickly , I love the stuff.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Joans kitty

in envelope , ready to go to the post office !
I finished the pillow today and the envelope is ready. Now one more pillow and then I will start on a very big carpet.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dafna photographed me with little Fluffy....

Isn't he sweeeeeeet ?He is a lovely little guy, always around when I am stitching.

And I have been stitching another kitty

This was Joans cat ( Canada ). They were here last June and asked me to stitch their cat, who was already rather old at the time and since died.
I still need to do the backstitching to accentuate the eyes and maybe the nose, too, and , of course , finish the thing. Hope to get it done during this weeek, though.

Dafna is learning again...

This time making roses from paper. I had punched out petals( just circles with a good old household paper punch) from red japanese paper and it worked surprisingly well. We will make some more roses and the leaves next time when we get round to it.

The rose is a very good first , don't you think ??

Monday, December 21, 2009

And Karins animals have been finished

Into nice little pillows. Tzu ( left upper hanfd corner ) , Puppy ( that is the kitty, right upper hand corner ) and Luna Lei.
Karin has sent a donation to her "neigbours " in Ontario, I am happy to say,Project Jessie. Thank you so much , Karin !!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

And all this done

While we are being snowed under , so to speak....Very nice if you don't have to go out , but tomorrow is Monday, brrrrrr......

On to the next project

Dafna has got two dolls now. However, there is also a cat in her home who absolutely likes minis , same as all cats, I am afraid.
It would have been lovely to plant both dolls into a garden , but that is NOT practical , at all! Ronya would immediately claim the garden as her own.
That was the reason Dafna bought a conservatory kit, on which she spent part of the afternoon painting. Not that she likes painting, but, ummm, well, it is her kit, after all, so I am ruthless :-)
Here is the poor maltreated gal, painting away!

Dafna's second doll finished !

Today we did the very last thingies on Dafna's second doll, fastening the bonnet and doing her hair a bit.
This is how she looks now. Lovely , isn't it ?
A big thank you to Babs, who made these wonderful dolls !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A present for my tearoom

This lovely teapot was mailed to me and reached me last week. It was made by Chelle. The painting is sooooo fine, I even saw that better when I saw the photo I made.Can you see the lovely little roses ? And the gold is painted on really, I mean really neat.

Thank you so much , Chelle !!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Luna Lei has been stitched , as well

After my green-and lilac version , that I discarded, I retried and finished stitching Luna, Karins dog, now woking in a more blue-and-grey spectre.
Now for finishing the cushions....

Happy Hannuka !

Today is the fourth day of Hanukka, which is celebrated for 8 days.
Chanukiot ( the candlesticks for 8 wicks ) come in all forms- so I WOULD have a kitty- lamp !!!
Isn't my little one sweet , hanging on the warm radiator underneath the candlelight ?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grmpf, what a waste.....

I was stitchng a new dog during last week. But the stitching program had some weird lilac-and-green slant again ( it often has ), and as I was nearing completion the portrait became worse and worse.
So I have decided to chuck it ( sorry Karin ) and redesign it and I will start afresh tomorrow, when I can print out the new chart first. Sigh. A week of stitching wasted !
Well, live and learn....