Monday, April 18, 2011

Three happy kitties

They are all happily roasting in the sun right now, even the little patient, who obviously has a great talent for enjoying life as much as he can while he is at it. He really had me worried last week, but since then he picked up and today he wolfed down his food. I did not really think he needs his painkiller today, he looks really content.I am so glad !!
The others are also enjoying the sunshine:-)

Friday, April 15, 2011

OK, some mini today MOUSKETEER!

Today the little mouse that my friend Kristy called the  "mousketeer" got into his new home. That rapier was begging for some  action, so I have put him in front of one of Mags's apples with clear intent of stealing!
Isn't he adorable ?

Floris, though , has me worried. He is keeping underneath my bed most of the time and has hardly eaten. I do hope it is just the after-effect of the operation and the anaesthesia, otherwise it is getting bad by now. I will just have to wait and see, though. Poor little brave guy.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Operation went well, kitty happy.

Today my little tough guy was at hospital again, to let his tumor to be removed ( after it had been irradiated ). Although his general condition is getting worse, he is still very lively and was rubbing his nose against my hand whenever possible on the way home ( I was driving , so a bit of care was indicated). He is walking around now, still a bit dizzy , of course, but otherwise fine and  enjoying being home again, it appears.

I must thank the devoted team of the Utrecht Veterinary Clinic again for their care of my little guy. They are kind and wonderful all the way.This goes for the main treating doctors, J. Kirpensteijn ( left) and B. van Nimwegen (right) , but also for all other people who are part of the team ( anaesthesiologists, radiologists,nurses, receptionists, etc)

I made a pic of a grey parrot while in the waiting room. The girl who had her on her arm was there to have an opinion of how to train her and wean her from  a rather destructive habit ; she is picking her own feathers off, because the last owner neglected her. I think it is very sweet of her ( she obviously is not one of our richest gals) to make such an effort. She spoke very sweetly and quietly to the bird to get her in her box again.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hungry tiger

( Sorry, much cat, hardly time for minis right now)
Today we were at the faculty again to have Floris's lump seen to. It has decreased in size , a bit, but it is best to remove it right now, as it will probably be relatively "quiet" ( shortly after the radiation). We suppose his pulmonary metastases will have grown, but the immediate threat to his well being is this tumor, so that is the one we choose to treat right now.
Tomorrow I will bring the guy in to be operated upon again and I will take him home ( if all goes well, he has become considerably weaker) the same afternoon. Still, he looks rather happy and content and cuddles whenever he can :-) I even get his Glivec pills in without too much fuss and he is not  even mad at me.

You know how to give  a pill to  a cat? Feed the pill to a goldfish and goldfish....
( Or , like a friend elaborated : feed pill to goldfish, goldfish to duckie, duckie......NOOOOO )
Very bad. Nope , I wouldn't dream of it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Floris : follow up

Today we went to Utrecht again for the first check up after the radiation of the tumor on Floris's back. Unfortunately, the thing did grow slightly; on the other hand, we do not know how malignant the remaining tumor is at the moment. Soooo, next week again and if the bugger has not reduced in size, it will be taken out locally, as it is worthwhile to have a go. In the meantime, I am starting him on Glivec; he is the third cat to try this ( worldwide, I mean); we do not know whether it will work, but it has few side affects and we will monitor him. The UK cats who pioneered this medication, ate it in peanut butter- unfortunately Floris doesn't care about the stuff :-)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Flowerpot cottage again

When I was in Arnhem, I discovered a lady who had several wonderful small scale accessories for sale, even 1/48th ( which is not a popular scale here). Most things were, alas , too refined for my little cottage, but I managed to nick a kitty( sitting on the left, on the floor), some flowers in pots,  a coffee/tea set and a wonderful grey-and-blue kitchen pot.
Today I finally got to actually photographing them.
I have started now on some kits to furnish the bedrooms. Problem is, it is not really my scale and I have trouble thinking up the accessories, which I find EASY in 1"scale!