Monday, April 4, 2011

Flowerpot cottage again

When I was in Arnhem, I discovered a lady who had several wonderful small scale accessories for sale, even 1/48th ( which is not a popular scale here). Most things were, alas , too refined for my little cottage, but I managed to nick a kitty( sitting on the left, on the floor), some flowers in pots,  a coffee/tea set and a wonderful grey-and-blue kitchen pot.
Today I finally got to actually photographing them.
I have started now on some kits to furnish the bedrooms. Problem is, it is not really my scale and I have trouble thinking up the accessories, which I find EASY in 1"scale!


  1. Mooie spulletjes heb je gevonden in Arnhem, Elly. Ik vind je meubeltjes ook prachtig, vooral de schommelstoel. Was dit een pakketje?

  2. Ja, bij mij zijn tot nu toe alle meubels pakketjes!
    De mijne komen vandaan bij .Uitstekende service, duidelijke en mooie pakketjes.

  3. I am always amazed when people work in the really tiny scales. One inch is as small as I can get I think. The kitty is cute. :)

  4. Elly, just think what you'd put in 1/12th scale and do it smaller vbg. Flowerpot is lookin sweet - love the blue pot and of course the kitty is a must! Books, curtains, rugs (paper,not stitched) flowers,pictures on the walls......(grin)
    Sandie (Snippets)