Monday, February 29, 2016

Naughty boy and his bike

Last month I bought that naughty boy on a bicycle from Alicia Volta ( Portugal) . Unfortunately ( but Alicia did agree with me ) we both thought the bike did not quite match.
So I googled a bit , put my thinking cap on and e-mailed to the one and only maker I knew of who would/could help me : Yvonne and Carr Roberson . And yes, they could make one and yes, they did !

It arrived here last week . Yesterday I tried to glue at least on foot of that little ... to a pedal, but whtever I tried, nothing stuck, so I gave up and made a composition.

He has gate-crashed a picnic party before he will get off to his own home, but at least he is safe from playing kitties here ( Sad story : Poor Ann of Green Gables lost both her feet when Tiffany had discovered her and found a new kitty toy, sighs. Feetses never seen again).

                                                                       Here goes  :