Friday, October 29, 2010

Adorable babywerewolf

Landed on my doormat today. I love him to bits, esp with the voodoodoll he is shlepping about. Where do you GET the ideas from, Kristy?!!! Bwaahahhaa!!!!

As you can see, someone helped me unpack ?!
If you click the Fluffy picture, you can see how really small this babywerewolf is...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mommies little helper

Like most cats, my little Fluffy is adamant about his rights as a digicat and a minicat(although not a householdcat, definitely). He looks very sweet, though, doesn't he?

Sunday, October 24, 2010


If you are following the link and go to KITZ! be prepared to sit sometime -long time, in fact- at your computer, it is one of the most devious and tricky sites I know with the most fascinating finds....:-)
Other sites with the same danger signs hanging overhead are:Teepeecrafts (UK),Dragonfly (USA), Michelles miniatures (USA)and several more.....( will do more of this later again, grin)
Michelles miniatures actually made the lovely kitty mugs with portraits of all furkids that I have and had(three have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge)

my camera died on me

So I am going to snag some pics here and there !

This week I fell AGAIN for one of Kristy's critters, a baby-werewolf. I honestly could not resist him, he looks sooooooooo sweet and scary with his little voodoo doll:-) He will scare the heck out of my sweet bunny-class,I am afraid.He is on his way, we hope!

Today I was working on a workshop I will do for minis4all,writing instructions and photographing each step. Hazel and Joan will have to be my guinea pigs. I hope there will be more mini'ers who are going to like doing this.
The general instructions are here;
you will need 34 gauge wire, for sale on e-bay( just search for "34 gauge wire") or in beading shops, like Jillybeads.

Other kits and great ideas are sold by Shelly Norris via Kitz! ( search for : Shelly's Odz'n Endz.) Shelly even makes 1/24 scale wire flowers(I hope to insert the link later; she makes amazing flowers!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At work again so....


Flowerpot cottage will have to await its turn till I have a Sunday off, and time to mini on that day, too( I prefer daylight and some hours of concentrated working when doing such projects). So , after work in the evening I am stitching away on the Big Boria(remember, a quarter of a million stitches???).
I made reasonably good progress, although it is discouraging to see that 80-100 hours of stitching hardly make a dent in the stitching; it drags on.I am going to need a lot of pats on the back before this is over.I think my friend Lisa's may be one of the few of these in existence(although I do know that Caz and Joan W. from the UK are also working on this one)
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And, of course, there is also housework to do,one has to shop,wash,iron(sometimes),get some shoes, cook food etc....

Friday, October 8, 2010

And here we are!!


OK. it needs some touch ups here and there, as yet, the paint unfortunately has a soft shine, so I need to try and "matte"it more. And the brickwork IS horrible, will see whether I can touch THAT up ( hmmmmm)

For the "grass" I used some crumbled oasis(florists foam), mixed with some colors of flock, not seeing any railway landscaping materials in the house:-)
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about paperclay and Fiona's tips


Fiona gives a good tip for rolling paperclay if you don't have a board nor lay your grubby hands on them quickly:
use baking paper for the underground. I did so. using silicon-coated paper, byw;I used some scrap wood for thickness, like you can see.
For makingg the faux thatch in this scale she advises using a hard brush ( toothbrush for smaller edges like near the chimneys),going over the applied but still wet clay. I happily combed my way over the roof. In paperclay you have got lots of time to do that.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flowerpot cottage continued


Today I made faux-thatch for the roof( with a hard cleaning brush over the paperclay). It doesn't look too bad, actually.At the moment, it is drying.
Since the walls of the cottage were not dry enough as yet, I decided to work on the brickwork and the garden patch. I need to make windows and windowsills as yet, do not know whether I will make it today. We will see...
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flowerpot cottage -next chapter


Today I clad nearly the whole cottage plus the chimneys in paperclay(thank you Patty, thank you Sue and thank you Rik Pierce for the tutorials I found, and big thanks to Bea for her beautiful workshop coming with this kit). I also made the brickwork - well, I can assure you that every quarterscale bricklayer should be heartily ashamed( or heartily drunk) to deliver this kind of work. As long as I don't use a magnifier to look at it, it will be fine, though, and besides, this kind of cottage is not really neat, either.
Since the paperclay has to dry before I can get on, I will leave it for now. Hope everything will be dry enough tomorrow to get on with it.
As you can see, Floris is still watching me. He loves me mini-ing.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My first adventures in quarter scale

I started working on Flowerpot cottage, as I am off-job(being battered after a meeting with the orthodontist and not being allowed to work during the next few days).Nobody said anything about miniatures being forbidden, though, as long as I don't talk to them , it seems.
Here is the start of Flowerpot cottage. Tomorrow I am going to have a go at working with Paperclay for the outside decoration. Keeping my fingers crossed, it is the very first time I am trying this!
At the top you see the prototype; I wonder whether I can even approach this lovely effect!
PS My little helpers are present again in full force, as you can see....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Update on Floris!

Today I received an e-mail from the Veterinary faculty at Utrecht, asking about Floris, my kitty that had a holmium treatment for his sarcoma.
Welllllll, as soon as I was home, I grabbed the camera and photographed the little patient.He is a happy kitty and I am a happy kitty-mom; up to now ( 8 months after the operation,a bit over 6 months after the brachytherapy) he is still free of disease, chasing after the other critters and biting in my toes when I try to fall asleep....

Sukkot is over

here some pics from all over the world:Johannesburg,
minisukot in Detroit
Costa Rica ( the bundle of the 4 "sorts"