Monday, October 28, 2013

Bookcases in place :

Made it to the Apeldoorn fair

Well, this time I did not have the energy to browse much and find surprise things, something I always love to do at fairs, but at least I could take home some things I had ordered . Since, however, hoisting around an arm  which feels like a piece of unwanted luggage (should have left it at home?) is rather tiring, I left early. But, got some glues etc , too, which I do love.
Alas, no rats this time, no other funny things, too, sorry :-(

Here are the things I snagged:

Two bookcases for the Kendrew House, made for me by Gradus Ulfman. Yes, the doors do contain glass . I will fill them up later, maybe today ( first want to see if they fit around the existing mantle, which will come in the centre)

And a David Booth table , brought by Karon Cunningham, to go with my NM chairs. The chairs themselves were made by David booth, as well.

When I came home ( the joys of public transport!), kitties were ready for me!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stitching update : the Accursed Aubusson

Well, here I am again , with the latest installment of the Aubusson (design by Nicola Mascall, Anchor on 40 hpi silk gauze) .
I am, of course, just doing background. Turning the frame over or handling it at all strains my bad arm rather considerably.
Since I am also only able to work just over two hours every two days,going is VERRRY SLOOOWWWW. But I WILL get there , eventually! By the time I can fill in the flowers I am quite sure I will have the use of both my hands again :-)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Try again !

So here are the pics I promised :

Here is the little kitten , he was obviously bored , so set out to explore the dining table ( yep, silver must be cleaned, sigh) .Glad there is no tablecloth , or the whole caboodle would be sent crashing to the floor. Don't ask me how I know!

                                                   and here is the small plate :

In the meantime my RL kitties enjoy me being at home ! These are the two little friends as they were on the sofa this morning. I had taken some pics of Jojo ,too, so as not to leave her out, but those weren't any good, so will add one later on . But these are so sweet :-)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A new parcel from Marsha!!

Yesterday I received a new set of plates and a bowl from Marsha Hedrick . Tried to photograph her wonderful creations, but my camera did not want to do as I liked (I have a Samsung which I do detest and it is mutual ). So last night I dug out my old coolpix , it made the pics I published yesterday , and today I worked again on photographing her items. One plate escaped me, battery went flat , it won't get back to work till tomorrow, so I will snag a pic from her site for that one :-)

Here goes - be prepared to stand in awe !

This is the little cobalt-blue plate :

Also received some other nice items from an ebayseller , among which silver candlesticks, some days ago :
(err. they are standing on the mantle...)

                                                                      a water jug
(the muffin dish next to it doesn't belong there and looks drunk and disorderly, anyway, I am afraid)

                          and a  nice silver frame ( must find a nice pic to put in, it can even slide in!!)

and a small kitten , will take my own pic later on, too - this one is from seller 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playing with my minis

Now that I am strapped up,(which will be,unfortunately, until the end of this month instead of last week , as originally expected), but not in incapacitating pain, I have taken up digging out and rehoming homeless minis. I am probably also going on with trying to catalogue my most important items . Not everything!
Anyway , I had a lot of food items , meats and fishies, made by Georgia Marfels (remember the gal ? She makes those delightful rats...), so here goes:

The meat/fish chest for my deli shop was actually a sideboard . I put the upper part up , using wood and for backing a plastic tile sheet ( Lamatile) with two mosaics embedded, also on wood . All food was made by Georgia. Look at those handsome lobster and crab!

Also , finally filled up the basket of the butcher's boy , standing in front of Victoria House. It ia a Roberson bike, painted with the name of my butcher (special request) . Basket had been empty for years, since the first batch of meats rumbled out one by one. Now they are glued down.

                                A little , optimistic dog watching the sausages....