Thursday, October 3, 2013

Try again !

So here are the pics I promised :

Here is the little kitten , he was obviously bored , so set out to explore the dining table ( yep, silver must be cleaned, sigh) .Glad there is no tablecloth , or the whole caboodle would be sent crashing to the floor. Don't ask me how I know!

                                                   and here is the small plate :

In the meantime my RL kitties enjoy me being at home ! These are the two little friends as they were on the sofa this morning. I had taken some pics of Jojo ,too, so as not to leave her out, but those weren't any good, so will add one later on . But these are so sweet :-)


  1. Table cloths with both cats and small children are not a good idea, I will always remember the day when my oldest pulled the table cloth off with a heavy iron trivet on it, fortunately she was still very small and was standing under the table, so nothing fell on her.

    Love the photos of your loving kitties!

  2. Hello Elly,
    Those are wonderful pictures! I love your table setting and the small plate is lovely! Thank you for the great pictures of your kitties, they are gorgeous!
    Big hug,

  3. When I look at your house the first word that comes to mind is "elegant!"

  4. Beautiful miniatures on the table.
    Your cats are adorable!
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Great photos. The one with the kitten on the table is priceless, as are the ones of your RL cats. :-) xo Jennifer

  6. Hi Elly! I love the china on the table and the kitten is the finishing touch! A very curious little creature. It is a wonder how graceful a cat can be amongst all the delicate things that they like to surround themselves with and walk through! Your two real life cats are very content by the looks of them.
    I love your little plate!


  7. (ahem), just saw some of your comments had gone awol and been going into spam- where they did NOT belong. Thank you for your lovely comments and also for your get-well wishes, am going to do my bestest!
    As you may have gathered by now I am always attracted to kitties big and small :-)

  8. lovely miniatures on the table, but the best is the kitten! And of course I loved the pictures of your cats, they are sweet!

  9. Very pretty little plate and such a cute kitty. Your RL kitties are so sweet too. My two used to cuddle up like this and Max misses Chloe so very much. I'm hoping that when I acquire the next two, the three of them will become good friends as well.