Sunday, January 29, 2012

BBB delivered

Today I delivered he Big Bugger of a Rugger to my client. She is obviously delighted ( and so am I, having seen the last of it, and after studying it, she happily shoved it into her dolls house !

Friday, January 27, 2012

The lady of negotiable affection...

Claire from Morecambe sent me this lovely lady... She is a perfect companion to my grumpy gouty colonel, I think, and in case you are wondering : yes,she is sitting on his rocking horse ....

She has a wonderful flushed face and beautiful hands ( notice those rings ?? And the fine fingers???) and a MIGHTY cigarette. I love her to bits.So does he, methinks.
Thank you  Claire !

(PS yes, that blessed wall sconce is again leaning down..sigh)

Friday, January 13, 2012

OK, ready, finished, finito, ready to go...

Thsi morning I finished the Big Bugger. I mean, finishing the stitching is one thing, finishing a  carpet is quite a  different animal altogether. Last week I had to whipstitch all around the edges and this morning I ironed on vilene on the wrong side. That was something that had to be done quite carefully, too.

Then I laid it out in my Kendrew House, in the music room, just to see how it looked.
And before you ask: no, I won't mind seeing it go ! I have seen quite enough of it to last a lifetime :-) And I know my client will be very happy with it (and it will bring a nice couple of bucks for pet rescue).

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I DIDDIT !!!!!

Hopping up and down. Excited . Manic !!! Did you hear that big big shout in Amsterdam? Well, that was just me.
I finally made it, this afternoon the last stitch went into the big Bugger of a Boria 1029, and unless  I have forgotten a stitch, they were 242,653 stitches altogether . Sigh.
I needed two years to get it done ( witha RL job, of course ), and I assure you it is not for the faint hearted :-) Several times I thought this thing would beat me .

Last month, though, I finished the last motive in the corner and afterwards I filled up the background. Now look how we did that...

Of course, as you can see, it still needs some blocking before I can finish it.
A big thank you to the members of PetitPointers, the Yahoogroup, who have given me lots of encouragement and cheered me all the way through, while I was whining big time :-)