Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Good evening...

Lots of things to do , mostly RL, I am afraid.

I did buy an Edwardiand gent from Ebay recently :

Very nice and with just a bit of help he can stand on his own two feets :-)

I also dressed a housekeeper. No done very well, I know, but the poor gal will have to do with this right now. Will re-do her later. The doll is excellent was made by Sherri Colvin , she sells wonderful character kits.

And  best of all: today Frances Peterson ( view also last post) and her DH visited me this afternoon. It was great ! I should really make a wall of fame and collect sigs of miniaturists who have come and visited me :-)

Anyway , here are some photos:


                                                  Frances and Walter

                                                            Frances and I

                                                 Beautiful REAL Peterson Pillow :

PS Frances also happily photographed my other rug , wonder whether that will show up as a mini, too !!