Friday, February 22, 2013

A big box of surprises !!!

I am gobsmacked.

This week I received a box from my lovely friend Shelly Hawley-Yan in Canada. shelly is an avid animal lover and does lot of rescue work ( last post mentioned she is rehabilitating a goldfinch :-) ) , all kinds of animals, and , of course cats/lkitten/dogs. I often do wish I were her neighbour, would be hanging out there all day helping out.

Back to the box. It contained so much I could not, at first, take it all in !! This morning was the first time I had to photograph everything . A BIG lot of pics to follow !!!

First I wanrt to show you this wonderful drawing ( pen and watercolors) she made of Floris, my little brave kitty who died 1 1/2 years ago.

It is fantastic ,each time I look at it I see him back, looking this charasteristic way.

she included a miniversion...

And lots of other things like :

very small kitty portraits

lovely paintings...


a kitty doll !!!

A kitty charm and some kitty buttons :-)

kitty books...

and even a porcelain kitty

very small kitty vases ( porcelain)

Since we are both petit pointers ( Shelly designs wonderful things) she understands the need for nice sharp scissors. I love nice sharp scissors! Am always on the lookout for them.
A ( cat decorated ) magneto comes in veryy handy when you loose the small needle and it must be somewhere. sometimes you can actually see it, but can't pick it up.  But it can also simply hold needles.

A very nice halfscale kit... I think it will come in handy in my meece house :-)

Part of all these lovely gifts were packed in these two (RL) containers:

and it all came with a very sweet message , written on this card :

Can you imagine I am really gobsmacked ?

Thank you so much Shelly !

And please everyome who reads this , consider donating to the organisation.

Friday, February 8, 2013

two little gals arrived today

I recently ordered two little dolls after having accidentally ( you know how is works, browsing web, following links, etc) from Mararita (I). She makes adorable children. Well, I could not really pass over the little one with a cat in her lap, could I ?

so here they are in their new homes:

Of course, she WOULD go and live with the cat lady !!!

The other little lady chose to go somewhere else and lives in the Kendrew nusrsery now:

Talking of the cat lady's house : sampler is in place. I also want to show you the adorable quilt that Petra made for me :

And here is the bellpull in place !

Friday, February 1, 2013

Nicola Mascall bellpull

Before I started on a big carpet ( well, bigg-ish , it is not as huge as the BBB), I wanted to do something small. Actually, had to do it, as I made a hole in the wall of my roombox, intending to pull wire through. Unfortunately, the wood started to crack (!), so I had to give up that plan. Was left with the ugly hole, though, so decided something else might nicely cover it. Bought bellpullkit from Nicola and stitched it ( on and off ) during the last 10 days or so.
I just finished it :

Yeah , I know , it looks crooked on pic, fortunately it isn't really :-)