Friday, February 8, 2013

two little gals arrived today

I recently ordered two little dolls after having accidentally ( you know how is works, browsing web, following links, etc) from Mararita (I). She makes adorable children. Well, I could not really pass over the little one with a cat in her lap, could I ?

so here they are in their new homes:

Of course, she WOULD go and live with the cat lady !!!

The other little lady chose to go somewhere else and lives in the Kendrew nusrsery now:

Talking of the cat lady's house : sampler is in place. I also want to show you the adorable quilt that Petra made for me :

And here is the bellpull in place !


  1. The new dolls are beautiful and perfect for their new homes!

    The place for the bellpull is just perfect, now I understand the reason for the hole in the wall, milady wanted it very close to her favorite chair! Maybe you should hide the screwdrivers from her now ;-)

  2. I think we all know what tha's like Elly, finding and buying something online when you didn't really plan or need anything ;-) Now I am not a doll person, but these girls are very cute. I love the first photo of the bed. It has such a warm and comfortable feel to it, a place to snuggle down with a book, hot tea and a couple of cookies!
    And oh! that last photo! You have got so many beautiful miniatures! The chairs are gorgeous, as is all of the embroidery. And that cat... he looks like the cat I had as a teenager. What a great pose, I want him! ;-)

  3. Both of your girls are adorable including the one napping on the floor. LOL
    The room with the bell pull is lovely!

  4. Both of those little girls are beauties - I can see why you fell in love with them even though you didn't go looking for them. They look right at home in their new positions. It's great to have another peek at Kendrick House too :) Hugs Sandie