Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nearly forgot

Yesterday I went through a relaxing session of making up a kit by the McQueenies ; a hallstand( stickstand, actually) with some very nice tiles.
I have out it into my Victoria (Anglesey)house, where a cat hangs upside down on it, looking at a mouse; a dog is barking to the cat-or the mouse, I am not quite sure.
In the background you see a big birdcage and an outrageously modern cat-basket that I liked too much not to buy; and there is a mouse doorstop and a cat-mat on the floor.
Me? Animals?

A nervous wreck

I need a big bottle of Valium, pronto.Today I finished two purses , of which the clasps were made by Jens Torp.Just did it as a friend , because he asked me to. I can only hope the master approves. It was rather hard going this time, as I did not have a template. The stitching is easy , but putting them together- oh dear!
The design is by Nicola Mascall, btw, who kindly gave me permission to use the chart.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

some new irises

Last Friday I made some other irises, having bought an intriguing shade of lilac while in Switzerland (a miniaturist has to keep her eyes open while travelling, hasn't she?).
The green nailpolish I had acquired appeared a bit brittle and I saw several little holes showing up in the leaves. I toyed with the idea of mini-caterpillars all over the placebut decided to fill up the holes instead.

Back from holidays

After two weeks in the Swiss Alps I am back home again. For those interested, my pics are here.

Unless your computer is on a physical cable and broadband, please do not attempt to view them individually; the pics are gigantic (there are so many that I declined to resize them all).
There is one other pic I want to show, though-this size of spaghetti(I think it must be 4 or 5 ft long, look at the bottles in the shopwindow),that I saw in Poschiavo...
(and yes, I did take the picture on the left,too;it is not a postcard!)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another pic of the Gardenia ( in the sun) and Clematis

Yesterday evening I made a Clematis- I seem to be well on my way.

Which is good, since my new laptop, that should have been repaired, does not do anything. What the heck is the good of any computer if you cannot even get into your e-mail , let alone get connected to the rest of the web ? I hate this!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

update on the Big Bugger

The Joseph Boria 1029.
I have placed an Euro in the centre ( that is 15/16 inch or 2,35 cms. (Just getting back at all those people who photograph with a dime for comparison- and I have never held a dime in my entire life :-) )
PS The flowers in the last pic were also photographed with an euro.....

I also made some Gardenias

and hope they are recognizable!!!
And as you can see, the weather has turned a bit wet.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Made some flowers again

Yesterday Dafna was here for the last time, as she will return to Israel in a short time.
We made some beautiful wire flowers ( which I forgot to photograph),but being" there"again inspired me to making some more flowers, colombine. I had made them in the past, this is my second set.
I love making wire flowers , they are like little gems,esp in the sun!
I will make some more gardenias later; they are fun to make and look beautiful.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Motormouse at his new address

But NOW he is in REAL, BIG trouble ! I sent him to hang out with the bad-tempered witch (spell gone wrong,see that frog?And the hissing black cat???)
Bwaahaaa, he will need all his bravado now!

Harley arrived...

First a pic from Kristy....Her kitty and Harley becoming friends!
And after his rescue from Otis , he was sent for inspection to my Fluffy . Do you see that tip of his tongue sticking out(pic on the left)? Possible some little kitty-treat....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guinea pig has been rehomed

The guinea pig I bought recently from Kristy arrived here last week. After a thorough inspection by my two other cats (Fluffy and Floris)who nearly abducted him, I set him up in the kitchen of Bluebell Cottage , which is becoming very cosy by now.The bunny class is upstairs , but he has some happy mice to keep him company and I do hope I will soon give him some humans, too. Kind ones, of course,who love animals.Well, they'd better.

PS As you can see, Floris is still a happy kitty. I am so thrilled!


Jojo is my big BIG stray kitty - she was straying around the hospital where I worked, 10 years ago.She loved her outdoor life , being fed by guys working in the selfsame hospital and ate everything in sight : herrings, hamburgers,meatballs, fried fishies and even cat-grub from tins; and she grew fatter each day!When winter came she had to be taken in (she certainly was not a feral cat), so at last I relented and took her in.
From a growler she has developed into a happy cuddler amd she often greets me like this.