Thursday, September 3, 2009

Angry witch done !!

After I had had some decorators in the house and spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing around, I decided to take a mini-day off yesterday.
As told, I had acquired a witch-kit by Nancy Cronin ( left over from the Sturbridge class ). Due to all that decorating I had to shelve her ( the witch , that is ! ) at the time, but yesterday I did take her out and had a go.
The kit went together like a dream. The face is really mad ( the scene is called : the bad-tempered witch , spell gone wrong ) and I laugh each time I see it.

Thank you so much , Nancy , for this entertaining kit . I loved doing this !


  1. Oh, Elly, your witch is wonderful! I love her clothes and how you mixed the stripes with a print. Also, I love the other elements -- shoe cane, cat and frog staring one another down, and the creative bench. Great work! Marlene

  2. Thank you , Marlene ; the real kudos are due to Nancy , who so excellently made the doll ( that FACE !) and prepared the kit !
    Still, I do love this bad witch to bits !