Monday, February 29, 2016

Naughty boy and his bike

Last month I bought that naughty boy on a bicycle from Alicia Volta ( Portugal) . Unfortunately ( but Alicia did agree with me ) we both thought the bike did not quite match.
So I googled a bit , put my thinking cap on and e-mailed to the one and only maker I knew of who would/could help me : Yvonne and Carr Roberson . And yes, they could make one and yes, they did !

It arrived here last week . Yesterday I tried to glue at least on foot of that little ... to a pedal, but whtever I tried, nothing stuck, so I gave up and made a composition.

He has gate-crashed a picnic party before he will get off to his own home, but at least he is safe from playing kitties here ( Sad story : Poor Ann of Green Gables lost both her feet when Tiffany had discovered her and found a new kitty toy, sighs. Feetses never seen again).

                                                                       Here goes  :

Sunday, January 31, 2016

finished the AA

And cannot wait until I have some halfway decent pictures to show, I am so happy I got through it after all problems I came upon sttching it :-) ! I really hope to do some better pics later, in real daylight etc.
The design is by Nicola Mascall ( the  problems were NOT due to her, honest, it was entirely me. Breaking an arm is definitely not a good plan if you want to do stitching, and getting mojo going again afer operation , rehab , took its own sweet time )

Anyway, here goes :

                                                    This is it, glory be !!!

And this is where it is going to live for the time being :

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hmmm, late again...

Honestly I had hoped to be able to post earlier. I made up two kits by Arjen Spinhoven , a table and a drawer-chest. The making up-part was the easy one, but painting them was quite a different animal ! I ended up throwing the chest out ( it is no fault of Arjen's, just mine :( )

Here is the table

Not a great pic, but I had nuff after 8 tries or so  ! :

And , this week , two other dollies by Debbie Dixon-Paver did arrive, hale and healthy :

                               Anne of Green Gables ( complete with very small freckles...):

                                                         and this beautifl Edwardian lady :

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Debbie's dolls !

Long time no see ! But right now I have taken two weeks off for odd jobs at home, sorting out stuff, you know it (I am afraid..), in between , however, mini-ing and playing.

To kick off the week, I introduce you to two lovely little dolls by Debbe Dixon-Paver (SA) , they arrived here last week

                                   hope you like them too, I find them adorable big time !

                          Will need to find the right (and kitty-safe !!!) place for them yet :-)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Dutch fair ( Ulft) autumn 2015

Last wekend I visited the Dutch fair , held in Ulft nowadays ( about the end of the world and a bit over ). Did mostly buy things that aren't worth photographing - a nice maglamp with a ring of LED lights, big lens , some kits , some woodstrips), but also this Fern Vasi doll -no website, sorry-(halfscale ) :

She looks very much at home in her now kitchen , methinks :-) ( I may yet relocate her to my other 1/24 scale house, though, exchange of inhabitants and some furniture). And look at that mouse- was insluded ....

I also bought a half-asleep kitty from Shirley Scheibehenne ( I have been a long- time admirer of her work ) . All her work is hand sewn and this critter is just about 1 1/2 cms  I think . She is a lovely lady, btw

                                               and here they are all together in the kitchen !!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

And now some more dolls and things !

Elga also brought me this wonderful doll by Debbie Dixon-Paver I had snapped off Etsy  earlier this year. we thoght it might be safer for postng. Dolly traveled all the way to Scandinavia, took some minicourses/workshops and then landed in the Netherlands- well, here she is, home at last :

                                                                  Sweet , isn't she ???

                                                 And now some lesssweet dolls !!!

As you may know, I also like bad tempered / crabby dolls. I saw this bawler on etsy while browsing; immediately grabbed her by the scruff -----

She was made by Alicia Volta ( Aligradolls)

Intrigued by her art, I asked her whether she would consider making two fighting little boys for me. At first she thought she would not have time right now, commissions and two fairs coming up to the boot - but she liked the idea so much that the boys went off and took over !

So here they are ( they made their way fighting all the way from Portugal....). I am afraid they are in for  a big whack when they will arrive home.

They are going to be in a yet to be built outdoor scene, on a green , where children are playing-or not.

On a sweeter note : I also received flowers from Pim Sukkerd ( beetree miniatures , watch out for her at the Miniature Online show!) that I bought from her a the on line show -also  some other things, but they are hard to photograph, sorry .


Elga in Holland !

 Last week Elga  visited our friend Josje after some weeks of teaching miniatures and a family visit to Scandinavia. To surprise her, we had set up a meeting at Josje's house .
When I cam in, she was still busy working on a delightful game table , which has to be covered yet with PP ( oh dear, another project that really has to be done !!!!)

                                            here she is working in Josje's studio :

                                              Josje watching her :

And here we are , together with Annette, another miniaturist who had visited Tune ( Denmark) with both ladies last year :

This is the little table !

Always lovely meeting up with friends !!!! And thank you Elga for this wonderful little table.