Monday, April 7, 2014

Again , the Apeldoorn show

Hmm, this was a bit hard to get to the right page for posting. But I am here, finally.

Yesterday I visited the Apeldoorn fair . Obviously, I cannot drive as yet, but a friend kindly offered me a ride ( thank you Gabriëlle!) .
Thus I was also able to pick up a house , built by Herdwick Landscapes , namely Crosthwaite cottage , a version that was a bit modified to fit my windowsill (!) .
It is a LOVELY 1/24 scale house .
Here are some pictures:

This is a full view of four of its 5 rooms . I bought some furniture to go with it, but more will be added.

You may notice that there are two children in residence in the kitchen , they were made by Kate Pinsent . There are also some porcelain children, nekkid an'all, that I bought from Angel's little ones , will deal with them later!

And if you look closely enough, you can see some rats. Well, let me be honest , I bought them from Georgia Marfels and I am sure they were meant to be meeces , but I thought they would make nice little rats :-)

I am a long -time fan of Georgia and her wicked sense of humor ! She kindly allowed me to snap a pic of hers at the table. She is a lovely lady. And clever.....

Here are some of the thingies I snagged from her yesterday 

And these look big nuff in the pics , but they are very tiny .I hope to see her in Rheda again, always spend at her stall :-)

For the rest of the day I just walked around , had a good natter here and there and bought some bits and bobs for when I can do some mini-ing again. Right now, I have many ideas of course, but no way to go and try them!
Still,it was an enjoyable day, all in all.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Flowers and more flowers

Hi all, long time no see. Well, the problem was mainly  that, after that nasty fall I had back in August, my shoulder kept making trouble. Trying to keep on top of job (even though I just worked for 6 hours a day) and household chores, plus having pain nearly all the time , which did not exactly help if I tried to do anything with my hands, I simply let go.

I hope things are going to change now, though! Two weeks ago I got an implant instead of that useless shoulder; big thanks to my orthopaedic surgeon, who did an excellent job . Of course, I am still recuperating and in a strap, but that will be only one more month.

But I want to show you some things I recently received:

from my dear friend Pat in AZ, USA , these two wonderful bouquets , made by Era Pearce, IGMA fellow. Beautiful paper flowers, I am especially enamoured of the daffs, as they have such "full" trumpets. The tender irises and nearly diaphanous tulips are miracles in themselves.

And today I got this lovely surprise from Pim Sukkerd in Thailand , who works magic creating cold porcelain flowers ( you may remember having see her work before on my blog, try following the tag "fair

O M G !!!!

I will try to add another pic  tomorrow to show you how tiny they are, that lily of the valley is to die for!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wot, me crazy cat lady?????

Recently I saw this trio on ebay and I could not resist....

they were made by this gal .They  have fun animals!! ( and also other items, if you are accidentally looking for a  miniature oldtimer car?)

I think I am going to rehome them with my dear old cat lady , but not sure yet. Oh , did I hear someone say that I am the crazy cat lady??? Errr, well, it is possible..:-)

And finally, thank you all for your wishes for a  happy new year and the same to you all !!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Long time no see

But had nothing fun to write about, sorry! I was unstrapped, have been busy trying to coach my shoulder to work nicely again and get back to work . Shoulder, unfortunately, is not listening to me, so I will probably be in for an operation ( prosthesis). But we will see about that later on, I am due for an appointment in 3 weeks.

I did stitch a bit on the Aubusson, not very much , though.

BUT , to show something....

Yesterday a friend ( Helma) came along to adopt my second Kendrew house. It is wonderfully built, but somehow I did not get any inspiration and I finally decided to look for another home for it.
Helma was the taker, she is over the moon and I am very very happy that , instead of sitting dejectedly in a corner of my house, this house is going to be loved. She has lots of plans with it.
She sent money to an animal shelter as a payment ( my usual fee ...)

However , she also made me these lovely presents:

One stitched kitty cushion ( neat , eh?? I love it!!)

And a wonderful open book of Alice in Wonderland

It is beautiful!!!

Later on another friend came to see my collection, she also brought some presents

Two open cans of kitty food for my cat lady

Kitty litter and a litter tub ( sorry, clearly in use :-) )

And some herrings with onions for the lady herself:. Well, if the cats won't snatch them, that is.

She also made a tin of sardines, but they refused to be photographed, the light is hopeless now. Gabriëlle makes the most inventive and fun miniatures.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Judy's table

A short while ago I bought (off Ebay) a lovely little table with a top, stitched by our Petitpointers member Judy Spadoni . That gal is an artist. she stitches as she goes !!!

                                                      Look for yourself :

                                                 Table seen from the top:

                                                           It is FANTASTIC !!!

I also received a lovely small stitched purse from Lisa S, that she had given Anne . I did photograph it too this morning , but in the dark weather it simply didn't come off. Will try again later :-)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Some more pics and update on the Aubusson

Anne sent me several of the pics she made during her stay here , this one I snagged from her blog , though :-)

You can see why it is preferable to view the canals either in autumn or in spring ; in summer the trees tend to screen off the view of the houses.

 These were some she took in the Rijksmuseum :

               These two she made for me , as they irresistably reminded me of Marsha's porcelain!!!

                                         These she took in the Willet Holthuysen museum:

(that gigantic fireplace was reproduced in miniature by Sue Cook , I think, but I cannot find it on her website now)

                            And now for the update : my Accursed Aubusson! It is still slow going , as I                                        cannot really stitch for long periods of time , but there is SOME progress....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

the Rijksmuseum

This week I had a guest staying with me, Anne, Lisa's daughter. She wanted to visit the Rijksmuseum, so we went!

It had been closed for years for renovation, was reopened this summer. I did not fancy going there in summer, though, as Amsterdam is a tad busy with tourists , esp these places, so I hadn't been there yet.
We saw a lot of things- well, it is not exactly small. Fortunately , like in most museums here, photography is allowed (although preferably without flash), unfortunately though, I had forgotten to take my camera and ever tried holding an Ipad steady with one hand ? It won't do !

Anne took several pics for me and I hope to put them on here next week when she will be able to send them.

I downloaded these pics from the Rijksmuseum site. One can register there and happily download to one's heart's content.

(We also saw a lot of other "olde friends" in chest, silver , porcelain , etc....I had seen many of them before- in miniature ! Esp several inlaid "Barry Hipwell"chests :-) )

Here are some things we saw at the Rijksmuseum :

If you follow the links, you can zoom in wonderfully.

The Simplicia chest ( a collector's chest , actually, looking very much like a  miniature apothecary!)

Of course , the two Petronella houses ... 

The Petronella Dunois house 

and something I saw at Jens Torp recently - he just made a very limited edition of these! ( yessss, I do know where one of these went, gal)