Saturday, December 24, 2016

Forgot to mention ! And update on kitties...

During last months I actually did make some minis.

This witch was made by me in August from a kit by Nancy Cronin , who makes the best witches and crabby old ladies that I know of . As you can see , she has a mini-me with her ūüėĀ . The kit was excellent with clear descriptions, was quite well prepared, as well. Moonyeen M√∂ller did a lot of work on it . It was about the first mini I had made since a long time and I do owe Nancy and Moonyeen for getting me out and back on track. 

The other thing I made was (in October) a bunch of 1/24 narcissi from a kit by Georgina Steed (The Miniature Garden ) ; she makes excellent kits in 1/12 and 1/24 scale. The last ones are rather hard to find . Thank you Georgie !
The vase was made by Elisabeth Causeret.

PS the tape in the pic is a centimeter, not an " inchometer" !

                                       In the meantime my kitties are growing up fast !!

The one with the white nose is Fluffy, the black nosed one is Spotty, and the big striped tiger is Tiffany. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Here I am ...

Long time, well, very long time no see. Had some health issues, but now have decided to take early retirement. Lots better!

Still doing real miniwork wasn't that easy; everything I tried turned out a disaster. Then , during my holidays I read an article in an old DH magazine about making a bunka rug. Thunk : I can do that ! So went to the website of  Little Trimmings (UK) , then to this page ( scroll down ) and ordered some kits.

Tadaaah, here is the first result :

Not exactly your Great Master work, but it looks nice enough! It is 16.5 x 10.5 cm.

A nice online tutorial can be found here ( Casey's minis ).

Thursday, July 21, 2016


A small heatwave in the Netherlands kept me mostly in last days....
The upside of it was that the only thing I can sensibly do on these days is sitting in front of the fan, reading or stitching ( or watching telly :-)  ) . Well, I cannot show you any stitching yet, as I have hardly started ( small sampler from a kit by Nicola Mascall).

But I can show you what my kitties do in front of the fan.....!


Friday, June 17, 2016

My new kitties , RL minis !!

OK , here I am again...
After the loss of Jojo and Fluffy, not only was I quite sad , but little Tiffany was, too. Although she is quite shy, she has always been a very sociable cat . So I decided to import two babybrothers.
It took about a wekk of gentle introduction :-), step by step , but we did succeed and the whole family is having the time of their lives. Three kitties playing around, tearing through the house, sometimes washing each other ( esp Tiffany loves doing that).

                                                           Spotty :

                                              Fluffy ( looks so much like Fluffy :-) )

                              Tiffany carefully watching through netted door , for introduction :

                                                          Two playing kitties !

                                                 Tiffany and Spotty playing together

                                                       Tiffany washing Fluffy

Monday, May 16, 2016

And also....

Emma Waddell asked  on one of the FB groups members of the group to post photos of their kitchens there.

Which led me to view my Kendrew House first. I had to put in some recently acquired porceleain, anyway. While photographing, though, I saw not only layers of dust (still in situ I am afraid , grin), but also several appliances etc that had fallen on the floor or such , so some  reorganisation was sorely needed.

So I did that . What with taking pics etc took quite  a lot of time, actually. Anyay, I do have updated pics of the three kitchens now: one scullery, one kitchen, one "nice" kitchen ( where personnel also rests, as you can see, and the butler has his writing desk ).

The scullery :

Left corner :

Right corner 

Kitchen :

left corner

Nice kitchen:

left corner 


That took a long time. But I finally finished the chest from a kit by Arjen Spinhoven today . It's not perfect , mind you , but OK..... as best as I can do.

                                 Maybe do some more mini-ing, well I do hope so.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Long time no see

I had some busy months , however and rather sad.
In March ( March 15) I had to take leave of Jojo, my big red kitty, who has been with me since about 17 years . She was a yong stray, wandering around the hospital where I worked and I adopted her. Although she was scared and grumpy during the first years she was with me, she became a really cuddly cat who could purr loudly . I really do miss her .


                                                     Here are two pics of her :

                               This one I made when she had snatched a nice Amazon box - too small, so a                                                                perfect fit in her kitty thoughts !

       This one was made last summer , while she was basking in the sun on my balcony.

        And within 5 weeks on April 25, my poor Fluffy also went over the Rainbow Bridge.                                                
                                         This pic was taken when she was still a young kitty.


                                        And this is the very last pic I took  of him, poor little guy.

Tiffany and I do miss them both  !!!
Goodbye little friends.