Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Here I am - finally !

And not even with my own work, actually, feathers are Frances' !

Here goes:

Some years ago, I posted a pic of ( the little ) Tiffany, playing a cat game on my Ipad , at PetitPointers, a Yahoogroup.

                                                       Here is the pic :

 Frances Peterson ( from TX, USA), a gifted designer, was not only smitten with this small lady, but immediately wondered about that carpet ! She liked it big time ! So up onto a chair I climbed, took as many pics of the carpet from as high as I could and mailed them to her, so that she could adapt it for a design for a PP miniature carpet. And no, trust me, if you have never tried it : that is not as easy as it sounds ....! Designing/adapting, I mean, climbing and photographing were the easy parts.

Tis ready now after about a year- or more-  of hard work by Frances ( designing plus stitching) . The first pic - aside from the progress pics that we share in the  group was this little teaser:

                                Bwaahaaahaa ! One mini Tiffany  with a  mini Ipad on a minicarpet !

                                    But here it is , The design can be bought from Frances :

                                                                         Right here

                               I am quite honored to be n her exquisite selection, thank you, Frances!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sorry guys & gals

I had a lot of anonymous spam on my blog. Tried to weed it out by changing the settings, but I obviously did make the wrong choice, so that only I could comment ! That was not what I meant, at all.

I removed that nasty setting, but am reverting now to the "word" barrier, sorry for that. And very sorry for the inconvenience caused by my mistake .

Thank you for checking out my blog, though :-)


Friday, February 20, 2015

Cobweb , getting there !!!

Cobweb is a Tudor cottage. I read up the book by Brian Long and had a good hard look at the beams inside, as ( although I have never seen a RL Tudor cottage in my life) I was absolutely sure there should be beams in it! If I would have had to follow the pattern outside I would have given up immediately, but fortunately I got away with some  more simple constrictuction on the inside.

So off I headed for a railay model shop, where they sell those nice balsa slats and then - me having off some days and happily mini-ing away- there I went, full steam ahead, cutting ans staining and sticking little beams until I nearly DREAMT beams.

Here we are now:

Of course, I had to take everything out to do this, now it is back again, lighting installed, as well ( and by golly, it works ! ):

I also bought some little canisters and a canister of pickles, both from ebay, made by Sam Dunlap (?)

                                    ( the little bowl of eggs was also added , so sweet !)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Some minitime

Recently found another little friend for Alice in Wonderland. Humpty Dumpty, from Sandra at Tower House Dolls 

Here he is !

And this is  where he is living now :

Sunday, January 11, 2015

More Cobweb !

recently some more halfscale items ( from ebay and Homes in Miniature ) did come in, and this week I made up some kits of Jane Harrop . I justput some of them in.

Here are some of the thingies I bought:

                                                          Jelly chest


                                                             drawer  chest

                                 Wash stand and a beautiful set of porcelain, jug and basin:

                                                Sorry for the pic, but here it is....

                                                 And, of course, I could not resist that doggie !

                 Still- beams to be added, plus lights to be installed !! Will have to wait, though.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Reanimated Cobweb inside

OK, here are some pics of my sweet little Cobweb (1/24 scale) after the operation :-) . One can still see the mistake, of course , but it is not really a problem , the house  is accessible and can be viewed quite well.

That so-called "slate"floor was made by scoring, painting and satin-varnishing cardboard. Eccept for cutting the whole carboard to measure  fit in, no hard measuring  etc. I always prefer to do things the easy way !!!

And now the fun part- furnishing , decorating ( and, I hope, some dolls!!)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Cobweb rescued !!!!!!

Hurray ! after my sad Cobweb story Josje was so kind to offer her help ( now SHE is a  builder, which I definitely am not :-) ). So last week I drove there, house on board - one of the best things about smaller scales is that you can easily take houses for a  spin or walk, if they like to - and she did some cosmetic surgery.

This was what had happened - don't laugh so hard you!!!! I did , actually, but it was a shame as I had spent so much time on the dear little cottage :

HUH ??????? Chimney over the frontdoor ? What about Health and Safety rules????

But now it looks like this :

What she basically did, was removing the tabs atttachments and replacing them on front. And it works !!!!