Sunday, August 10, 2014

Not much progress, but

At least there is some !!!

I am finally also sliding into the rhythm of stitching again. OK , there is hardly any progress to show (as I said in my last post : don't dare to laugh :-) ), but progress there is, even a very itty bitty.

This is the August '14 version of the Accursed Aubusson!

It has got ginormous whiskers by now, because during the time I tried to work one-handedly my cats were also keepng me company , of course, and I was so much bent on getting each stitch right that I did not have the time or energy left to get each cat hair out. So more heirloom kitty hair worked into this one !!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

slowly getting back

Into minis!

During/after the kitchen  remodelling and due to my long and intensive physical rehab, I had  landed into a litlle mini-dip, so to speak , not a lot of motivation to do anything but playing around with the things I have and even so, half hearted.

But I am getting back on track ,even slowly. I have restarted stitching on my Accursed Aubusson again (don't  DARE to laugh !) - update pic to follow in some days- and last week I also bought via ebay this adorable little boy. he is even cuter for real than on his portrait !! Lots of freckles :-)

Since he will need to get some clothes on ( and he is not the only one !!!) I foresee a lot of doll dressing in my immediate future when I gaze into my crystal ball...!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Drinking old lady & Pinterest minilibrary

Sorry , not been around much , not done much.

I recently bought a Fern Vasi doll from another miniaturist who is downsizing . An old gal , happily sloshing and surrounded by het cats ( do I see a view of my future here ???) .

She arrived last week and since an hour or so she has been misbehaving a tea party in my Kendrew house. The guy sitting next to her , watch in hand, is spying out how much time he has left until he can decently say goodbye.
If she carries on like this , I am sorry to say that I will have to relegate her to my boarding house. I mean, hardly there and one of the cats is already sitting on the table in between the procelain and silver....

And now on to the second subject : PINterest.

Since a year or more I have happily pinned away, also about miniatures . But this weekend my two braincells suddenly decided to talk together , so lightning struck and I decided to make a PINboard of books about dolls houses and miniatures- inspiration and making . Spent hours at Amazon (nope,, no shares, I am very sorry to say) and other sites .
I have noticed that over the years miniaturists have searched for something like this. So if you want to copy the idea and start it on your own ,or with a group,  please do so by all means , it is just something I like to do so that I am able to share.

The site is here:

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Postie came along yesterday

and brought me these famtastic porcelain thingies ( one jug , one chocloate set) , made by Marsha Hedrick .

Here are pics I snagged ( again!)  from her site ,

                                                            chocolate jug

                                                              and pitcher    

Beautiful , aren't they ?

For the time being I put them into my roombox, as the Kendrew House is inaccessible, being swathed in blankets and sheets during kitchen renovation :-)

Here goes:

                                    First : Chocolate set complete(replaced original pic)

                                    The set is in the left corner of my roombox right now :

 and when you look at the chair on the right, you will see the little bag my friend Lisa stitched for me :-) !

That wonderful jug with landscape went into the right hand corner :

like this:

 And here is the whole circus again !

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bad picture...Update!

But finally an update on the Accursed Aubusson!

Here is where I left off in November :

And I picked it up last month again, after having discovered I could actually use my shoulder :-). Since ironing is not exactly what I do want to do right now ( bit hard as yet), however, I scanned the thing.

I had hoped to get on a bit more , but RL kitchen remodelling ( taking place right NOW)  plus, of course , hours of daily exercise for shoulder plus physio plus keeping up with RL routine chores does take more time and energy than I had reckoned with. We will be allright, though, and I am finally hoping to get there - once , in a dim and distant future !

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Cheshire cat

Some months ago I bought this awesome porcelain cat , made by Karen Siegrist . She had even poured it in lilac porcelain! I thought it would make a nice companion to my little Alice in Wonderland scene (doll still to follow, I am afraid). Now that I have the use of two arms again, I did paint the guy. Not really as in artisan , but I think it is nice nuff :-)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A visit to Leonardslee in print

Many of you will know about the lovely miniature exhibition in Leonardslee gardens (UK), which were, alas,  closed to the public some years ago.

Recently, however, its creator, Helen Holland, has written a book about it. It is great fun to read! There are many pics in it, too, and although tiny, they are excellent , and every miniaturist will have a magnifier, I think, so you can study them at your leisure. Absolutely recommended reading for every lover of miniatures.

Helen kindly permitted me to snag the pic of the cover, so here goes :

You can acquire it from her site here.