Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nearly forgot

Yesterday I went through a relaxing session of making up a kit by the McQueenies ; a hallstand( stickstand, actually) with some very nice tiles.
I have out it into my Victoria (Anglesey)house, where a cat hangs upside down on it, looking at a mouse; a dog is barking to the cat-or the mouse, I am not quite sure.
In the background you see a big birdcage and an outrageously modern cat-basket that I liked too much not to buy; and there is a mouse doorstop and a cat-mat on the floor.
Me? Animals?


  1. Ooooooh! It's delicious! And I love the details of the animals too. Love to see the birdcage and cat basket more clearly though. Must have more of a look at that house.
    Hugs, Sandra (Snippets from my studio)

  2. Will post some more pics of these when I get round to it Sandra!