Thursday, August 5, 2010

Motormouse at his new address

But NOW he is in REAL, BIG trouble ! I sent him to hang out with the bad-tempered witch (spell gone wrong,see that frog?And the hissing black cat???)
Bwaahaaa, he will need all his bravado now!


  1. Ohhhh noooo, hahaha. He better pedal faster - too bad his little legs don't reach the pedals.
    Cool witch Elly!!

  2. Hi Kristy ,I just linked this post to the day I finished dressing this wonderful angry witch- she was made by Nancy Cronin.Since-as you know- I like quirky minis, I fell in love with her.
    Poor Harley is still trying to reach his pedals, I am afraid:-)

  3. Oooh poor Harley! Maybe he will find his way to the Mouse House?