Friday, November 13, 2015

Dutch fair ( Ulft) autumn 2015

Last wekend I visited the Dutch fair , held in Ulft nowadays ( about the end of the world and a bit over ). Did mostly buy things that aren't worth photographing - a nice maglamp with a ring of LED lights, big lens , some kits , some woodstrips), but also this Fern Vasi doll -no website, sorry-(halfscale ) :

She looks very much at home in her now kitchen , methinks :-) ( I may yet relocate her to my other 1/24 scale house, though, exchange of inhabitants and some furniture). And look at that mouse- was insluded ....

I also bought a half-asleep kitty from Shirley Scheibehenne ( I have been a long- time admirer of her work ) . All her work is hand sewn and this critter is just about 1 1/2 cms  I think . She is a lovely lady, btw

                                               and here they are all together in the kitchen !!