Monday, July 28, 2014

Drinking old lady & Pinterest minilibrary

Sorry , not been around much , not done much.

I recently bought a Fern Vasi doll from another miniaturist who is downsizing . An old gal , happily sloshing and surrounded by het cats ( do I see a view of my future here ???) .

She arrived last week and since an hour or so she has been misbehaving a tea party in my Kendrew house. The guy sitting next to her , watch in hand, is spying out how much time he has left until he can decently say goodbye.
If she carries on like this , I am sorry to say that I will have to relegate her to my boarding house. I mean, hardly there and one of the cats is already sitting on the table in between the procelain and silver....

And now on to the second subject : PINterest.

Since a year or more I have happily pinned away, also about miniatures . But this weekend my two braincells suddenly decided to talk together , so lightning struck and I decided to make a PINboard of books about dolls houses and miniatures- inspiration and making . Spent hours at Amazon (nope,, no shares, I am very sorry to say) and other sites .
I have noticed that over the years miniaturists have searched for something like this. So if you want to copy the idea and start it on your own ,or with a group,  please do so by all means , it is just something I like to do so that I am able to share.

The site is here: