Monday, July 28, 2014

Drinking old lady & Pinterest minilibrary

Sorry , not been around much , not done much.

I recently bought a Fern Vasi doll from another miniaturist who is downsizing . An old gal , happily sloshing and surrounded by het cats ( do I see a view of my future here ???) .

She arrived last week and since an hour or so she has been misbehaving a tea party in my Kendrew house. The guy sitting next to her , watch in hand, is spying out how much time he has left until he can decently say goodbye.
If she carries on like this , I am sorry to say that I will have to relegate her to my boarding house. I mean, hardly there and one of the cats is already sitting on the table in between the procelain and silver....

And now on to the second subject : PINterest.

Since a year or more I have happily pinned away, also about miniatures . But this weekend my two braincells suddenly decided to talk together , so lightning struck and I decided to make a PINboard of books about dolls houses and miniatures- inspiration and making . Spent hours at Amazon (nope,, no shares, I am very sorry to say) and other sites .
I have noticed that over the years miniaturists have searched for something like this. So if you want to copy the idea and start it on your own ,or with a group,  please do so by all means , it is just something I like to do so that I am able to share.

The site is here:


  1. Hello Elly,
    It is nice to hear from you. the doll you purchased is wonderful. She is very well done and has a lot of character. Have fun with pinterest.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac, so happy to see you around again! Did you actually buy from Cookie's auction? I am keeping my eyes on your blog :-)

  2. I love your lady Elly! Yes I can see the man's hands on his lap and imagine him slapping them and say...well, I guess I will be has been a pleasure. LOL

  3. Hi Elly! Your doll looks like she is getting pretty loaded and is no longer involved in the conversations going on around her! hahah
    I went to your Pinterest board and what an Astounding collection of miniature books and booklets that you have managed to find! Thank you for all of this research that you have done for us! I do have quite a few that you have posted and I would love to acquire more because sometimes I'd just rather have it on paper instead of on the screen! :))


  4. Hi Elly, I don't have any dolls myself, but I might just make an exception for her! Also love your Pinterest board and it is certainly impressive! I also have quite a few of those and I may have a few you haven't got yet.
    Did you know that Dorsett Publications LLC has all Scale Cabinet Maker magazines available in PDF form online and is working to put the Cabinetmaker Guides by period, eg Queen Anne, Shaker, French furniture etc, also online by the end of this summer? Although they are not books, I think it's great that a resource like that will be available for miniature makers of the future, not only in the US but around the world! (postage was prohibitively expensive for shipping to the UK of the CDs they have had available for some years). Their website is Although it's not a book, I think it's quite an important resource for anyone wanting to make miniature furniture.

    1. Thank you Idske, that was a wonderful suggestion and I immediately followed it up and posted them on Pinterest. I knew of them, but had forgotten to put them on there. I happily pin PDFs and ebooks ot there, as long as they are accessible.

  5. Wat een prachtig doorleefd gezichtje heeft je nieuwe popje. Een aanwinst!
    En ik ga is even naar je pinterst boeken kijken, wel handig....dank je wel!

    Groetjes Helma