Thursday, June 12, 2014

Postie came along yesterday

and brought me these famtastic porcelain thingies ( one jug , one chocloate set) , made by Marsha Hedrick .

Here are pics I snagged ( again!)  from her site ,

                                                            chocolate jug

                                                              and pitcher    

Beautiful , aren't they ?

For the time being I put them into my roombox, as the Kendrew House is inaccessible, being swathed in blankets and sheets during kitchen renovation :-)

Here goes:

                                    First : Chocolate set complete(replaced original pic)

                                    The set is in the left corner of my roombox right now :

 and when you look at the chair on the right, you will see the little bag my friend Lisa stitched for me :-) !

That wonderful jug with landscape went into the right hand corner :

like this:

 And here is the whole circus again !


  1. Hello Elly,
    It is a beautiful room and the wonderful new miniatures just add to the elegance of the scene. they are gorgeous!
    Big hug,

  2. My goodness those items are gorgeous! The fit in perfectly in your beautiful room.

  3. Hi Elly! I am in love with your collection of China and the way that you have displayed it. You have Excellent Taste and what a treat in having these Beautiful Pieces delivered to your door! Enjoy them all! :))


  4. The new pieces are lovely Elly and really look good with all your other beautiful items. The little bag is beautiful too.