Sunday, August 10, 2014

Not much progress, but

At least there is some !!!

I am finally also sliding into the rhythm of stitching again. OK , there is hardly any progress to show (as I said in my last post : don't dare to laugh :-) ), but progress there is, even a very itty bitty.

This is the August '14 version of the Accursed Aubusson!

It has got ginormous whiskers by now, because during the time I tried to work one-handedly my cats were also keepng me company , of course, and I was so much bent on getting each stitch right that I did not have the time or energy left to get each cat hair out. So more heirloom kitty hair worked into this one !!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

slowly getting back

Into minis!

During/after the kitchen  remodelling and due to my long and intensive physical rehab, I had  landed into a litlle mini-dip, so to speak , not a lot of motivation to do anything but playing around with the things I have and even so, half hearted.

But I am getting back on track ,even slowly. I have restarted stitching on my Accursed Aubusson again (don't  DARE to laugh !) - update pic to follow in some days- and last week I also bought via ebay this adorable little boy. he is even cuter for real than on his portrait !! Lots of freckles :-)

Since he will need to get some clothes on ( and he is not the only one !!!) I foresee a lot of doll dressing in my immediate future when I gaze into my crystal ball...!