Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cobweb nearly done !

Apart from the fireplaces, which are STILL a sore in the eye , everything is done now and ready to go.

I finished front and back ( windows, doors, etc) and the roofs plus chimney. Fortunately remembered just in time that I had to glue the chimney stack on before roofing!!!!!

                                                           Front :

                                                     Backside of roof

                           Again , those darned fireplaces, nope , still do not like them one bit better:

                                   Roof and front laid side by side (or on top)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cobweb continued

Hmm, not quite a success, although most parts do look decent now or are going well.

Big disaster struck when I worked on the fireplaces. As per instructions, I let the filler I used dry thoroughly before chiseling stonework. That was a non-starter!!!! I chiseled and chiseled and chiseled....Could not chisel the inside, at all, so the fireplaces are a mess.

Here you can see what happened...:

Honest, they are an eyesore, even if it does not look too bad on the pic. I was ready to bin the whole cottage, as these fireplaces are so central to construction, plus they hit you in the eye as soon as you open the cottage.

Fortunately Tony ( Mr Bea) has promised me to send me an extra set, so I can prepare all other parts of the cottage and as soon as I have made new and decent fireplaces, it will be easy going..

The chimney stack was OK, I let the filler dry only so much before scribing into it:

( dont look too much at the color, is still under revision and looks better by the time I am typing this)

The walls have been mucked up :

They look nice and dirty ! Maybe some extra "mould".

Meanwhile I have taken up roofing, hope that will turn out OK :-) !!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Teapots from Onlineshow

Last month the miniature Online show took place and I took a fancy to these teapots. These are from an estate sale, one by Christopher Whitford, one "English teapot"( I thoght they might be by Rachel Munday, but am not quite sure) :

                                           And here they are in my tearoom :

Friday, November 14, 2014

Cobweb up till now- after one week

OK., had taken hols from job  to work on minis. But, of course, there are loads of RL things I have to do, as well, not having had time for those !

Well, in between these boring things I worked on Cobweb again and tthis is where we are now! Lots of loose pieces lying around everywhere , some of them tend to hop off whenever they can :-(

                             Outer walls done , well, have to muck them up as yet:

                           Inner windowframes, doorframe first floor , staircase painted

                            First floor door housing, chimney stack and two plastered hearths

                                       That is as far as I have got for now !

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A new adventure begins; Cobweb cottage :-)

When I was at the Apeldoorn fair, splashing out big time, I also acquired a kit from Petite Properties for their new halfscale (1/24 scale) Cobweb Cottage kit. I have taken off some days from work to do a lot of things that I ought to ( like visiting vet with my zoo,3 times, eek!,  getting winter tyres sorted , etc) , but certainly also to mini! And I love having days in a row to do this, so that I do not need to tidy all my stuff away every time, hoping I will remember where I left it when I start again.

So here we go...

Cobweb is kind of a 3D puzzle. The kit is very easy to handle ( and me being me nearly blooped big time already ). The  manual is very nice and clear, although it is about building only, so one has to think ahead about wiring, decorating, etc; well, the good ole' stuff, really.

Up till now I have glued the fireplaces together and am in the process of sticking the "beamwork"to the wallls ( I want to dry them flat under a weight, so wait until I have got the ornaments in place before building.
The fireplaces  are different, though, one has to glue them together first thing , as they will be stone (read : filler).

So this is where I am now; doesn't look much , but it still a bit of work ( well, a gal has a RL to attend to) :


                                                         Front wall , painted

                                                beam panel , sticky tape on backside

Ditto, with side panel 

Rear panel, beams in place

Needs some mucking up, but it does look like something!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Yess, I am winning!

Slowly, slowly the Accursed Aubusson is emerging by now. After all problems I had during the last 14 months - the only minipart of me functioning seeming to be hitting  the "buy it"button  and trouble getting "back into"minis , even stitching ( some hefty mistakes in this one included) ,I am now making progress. Finally! Hooray!

So here we are, Nov 2014 :

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Crosthwaite cottage

Last fair I bought Crosthwaite Cottage from Herdwick landscapes slightly mofified to suit my needs :

  Recently I bought some furniture to go with it, and also , at the fair, I added some more smaller things to go with it ( like all that porcelain!!) . I did spend most of the afternoon trying to tack / attach my thingies into the house.

Most of them are in place now, I could just photograph them before dark.

                                               The kitchen/living room

                                             Once more:

                                               Room next :

                                                     Upstairs 1 ( bed for granny?

                                                                upstairs 2

                                                          scullery etc :-)

Some more from my splashing party

Here goes:

I did serious damage both to my account and Elizabeth Bettler's stand (sorry , she has no website , but you can see 1/12 samples of her pottery here ) .

                                       This is all 1/24 or halfscale :

                                             Teapot, cups and a milk jug

                                           pots of jams, washing jugs

                                              adorable salt box to be mounted

                                             plates, saucepans, pieform

                                                    small vases,jugs

                                                   kitchen stuff together

                                                    Some fiery 1/24 kitties :

                                                              and two ditto dogs :

                             (And, of course , a very happy 1/12 kitty, could not resist that face!)

                                         The little critters sewn by Shirley Scheibehenne :

                                          sleepy baby hare

                                           VERY sleepy ducky, flat bellied!


                                                 Little hedgehog