Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A new adventure begins; Cobweb cottage :-)

When I was at the Apeldoorn fair, splashing out big time, I also acquired a kit from Petite Properties for their new halfscale (1/24 scale) Cobweb Cottage kit. I have taken off some days from work to do a lot of things that I ought to ( like visiting vet with my zoo,3 times, eek!,  getting winter tyres sorted , etc) , but certainly also to mini! And I love having days in a row to do this, so that I do not need to tidy all my stuff away every time, hoping I will remember where I left it when I start again.

So here we go...

Cobweb is kind of a 3D puzzle. The kit is very easy to handle ( and me being me nearly blooped big time already ). The  manual is very nice and clear, although it is about building only, so one has to think ahead about wiring, decorating, etc; well, the good ole' stuff, really.

Up till now I have glued the fireplaces together and am in the process of sticking the "beamwork"to the wallls ( I want to dry them flat under a weight, so wait until I have got the ornaments in place before building.
The fireplaces  are different, though, one has to glue them together first thing , as they will be stone (read : filler).

So this is where I am now; doesn't look much , but it still a bit of work ( well, a gal has a RL to attend to) :


                                                         Front wall , painted

                                                beam panel , sticky tape on backside

Ditto, with side panel 

Rear panel, beams in place

Needs some mucking up, but it does look like something!


  1. That looks like great fun. Their cottages are so charming.

    Enjoy your days off!

    1. It is and they are! I like 1/24 better than 1/48, too, as I can get more details in.