Monday, November 18, 2013

Judy's table

A short while ago I bought (off Ebay) a lovely little table with a top, stitched by our Petitpointers member Judy Spadoni . That gal is an artist. she stitches as she goes !!!

                                                      Look for yourself :

                                                 Table seen from the top:

                                                           It is FANTASTIC !!!

I also received a lovely small stitched purse from Lisa S, that she had given Anne . I did photograph it too this morning , but in the dark weather it simply didn't come off. Will try again later :-)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Some more pics and update on the Aubusson

Anne sent me several of the pics she made during her stay here , this one I snagged from her blog , though :-)

You can see why it is preferable to view the canals either in autumn or in spring ; in summer the trees tend to screen off the view of the houses.

 These were some she took in the Rijksmuseum :

               These two she made for me , as they irresistably reminded me of Marsha's porcelain!!!

                                         These she took in the Willet Holthuysen museum:

(that gigantic fireplace was reproduced in miniature by Sue Cook , I think, but I cannot find it on her website now)

                            And now for the update : my Accursed Aubusson! It is still slow going , as I                                        cannot really stitch for long periods of time , but there is SOME progress....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

the Rijksmuseum

This week I had a guest staying with me, Anne, Lisa's daughter. She wanted to visit the Rijksmuseum, so we went!

It had been closed for years for renovation, was reopened this summer. I did not fancy going there in summer, though, as Amsterdam is a tad busy with tourists , esp these places, so I hadn't been there yet.
We saw a lot of things- well, it is not exactly small. Fortunately , like in most museums here, photography is allowed (although preferably without flash), unfortunately though, I had forgotten to take my camera and ever tried holding an Ipad steady with one hand ? It won't do !

Anne took several pics for me and I hope to put them on here next week when she will be able to send them.

I downloaded these pics from the Rijksmuseum site. One can register there and happily download to one's heart's content.

(We also saw a lot of other "olde friends" in chest, silver , porcelain , etc....I had seen many of them before- in miniature ! Esp several inlaid "Barry Hipwell"chests :-) )

Here are some things we saw at the Rijksmuseum :

If you follow the links, you can zoom in wonderfully.

The Simplicia chest ( a collector's chest , actually, looking very much like a  miniature apothecary!)

Of course , the two Petronella houses ... 

The Petronella Dunois house 

and something I saw at Jens Torp recently - he just made a very limited edition of these! ( yessss, I do know where one of these went, gal)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miniroomba driver

About half a year ago I bought a RL robot vacuumcleaner (now called Annie) . She does a great job keeping my living at least a tad neat, esp as I am now a bit handicapped, of course. Nice investment! (And well, I always hated vacuuming, anyway...)
There is one  funny video that went viral on youtube "Roomba driver" .
Inspired by this , Alice Zinn, a very gifted US miniaturist made a miniature Roomba driver.
You can find it at her website, scroll down, there is a video on the right 

so recently my cat lady got one from me as a thank you present, rehoming all the homeless cats I have provided her with over the years :-)

Here is my Roomba driver!