Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just bits of news

Today Sharon de Vries and her friend Erica Gros came to have coffee here ( if I think of it , I will have a  pic of them at Rheda , forgot about it , of course). Sharon brought me this wonderful small baby bib
 See how small it is and how very well knitted ? I could NEVER EVER do this !!!!
Thank you Sharon !!!

Erica brought me a  loverly fern kit and explained to me how to do it. I will post more extensively about that later , but it is really well done!!

In the meantime I ripped my Alice doll apart( poor gal) , the arms were nor right, but if those blessed arms are going to stay in place now, I think they are going to work .
And I hung and laid down several of Georgia Marfels's creations in this cupboard that I made ages ago and never stocked up. As you can see, some more shopping is indicated , so on my Rheda list, too  . That list is filling up by now.
For the fishies I made a waterbasin from a plastic box, hardly an original idea , but what is a  gel to do,eh ? I used clear drying Aleene's gel this time, hope it will keep allright. I am not fond of resin.

Monday, May 20, 2013

More of Pim's exquisite flowers!

Last week I received another parcel from Thailand with these fantastic cold Porcelain flowers made by Pim

 and today I put them into pots and a jug

I put them in my Victoria House

The needlework shop

During the latest fair in Apeldoorn I bought this shop:

It is in Jugendstil style.

Being the lazy gal I am ( and still looking for inspiration on how to go along for decorating ) I hardly did anything to the outside, as yet. I did do wallpapering, though and cut and stained the skirting, so decided that today was as good a day as any to remove things from my "old"shop and move in to the "new "one.

Bot are needlework shops. If I am quite honest , I use it to dump my overproduction :-) I haven't got round to making some windowshop yet, will come ( we hope) in time.

Here are pics of the shop as it is now, inside

Several gossiping ladies, the widow in black waves with the testament of her late hubby, who left everything to a floozy, I am afraid.

the younger ladies are not really impressed

Here a sampler collection. Not all of them were made by me, though, two of them I think I bought some time in the past. Of the red cat I am quite sure, as it reminded me of Floris, the plant is a bit of a question mark, though.

I found lots of other things once I took that shop apart, like a  straw hat. Tiffany has taken hold of it and is tearing through the house with "kitty's own straw minihat"