Friday, October 30, 2009

More bluebell cottage

here are some more pics of my sweet new cottage !
I plan to do some reasonably humble inhabitants; not too poor ( they wouldn't have anything for me to place into the cottage, so that is a non-starter for me ), but certainly not an "upscale conversion"! Well , the exterior doesn't lend itself to that, either ; it seems to be in rather bad repair.....City people would have replaced the roof and straightened out the windows, etc. So , country/ village it will be. Probably somewhere in the thirties or a bit earlier....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Next Sunday

I will deliver the Lucy I carpet which I recently stitcehd to the lady whom I stitched it for ( as she is not able to do so for health reasons ). She has patiently waited; due to several causes I was not able to deliver it sooner.
Here are two pics of it :
The second pic was taken in my own big dolls house. It has a beautiful stairwell with lots of "faux marble " and daylight comes in from the windows and doors on two sides, so basically it is a kind of EZ cube and very nice to use for photographing miniatures.
The chairs are from Robert Longstaff in the UK ( he sells beautiful kits ); the chair seats were stitched after a design by Annelle Ferguson , published in this book by Nick and Esther Forder. It is still available and very much worth your money ! ( Ummm , I am definitely not a shareholder ).

So , next week we hope to show you the carpet in its rightful home , if I am allowed to , of course.

Dafna in Arnhem

Here is Dafna , absolutely enthralled by Kathryn Gray from Templewood miniatures ; she is instructed in the art of making flowers.
Now this she is going to need ! As her parents permitted her to buy a conservatory kit which we will make up and decorate during next winter.And , of course , any conservatory needs plants and orange trees , etc.. Somehow I have the feeling that the little monkey is already searching the whole wide web world for ideas and thingies to put into it :-)

We will try to make everything on a budget and also make it as transportable as possible ( somehow her parents do not take kindly to the idea of hiring a private plane when they will move back to Israel next year ..Bwaahaaahaa ! )

Sunday, October 25, 2009

To Arnhem we went

Today was the Arnhem fair ( well, OK , it is from Fr till Su , but I only go on Sunday ).
I had taken Dafna with me , the young lady who I dressed a doll with last spring. She really liked it . Will show some pics of her later.

I also collected a cottage , that very dear friends had agreed to take from the UK for me. It is one by Rod Buckingham of Teapot Cottages .
Isn't is GREAT ????

Will tell more later when I have recuperated a bit....Karin , I will get back to you, too ! :-) I must have missed something ?