Monday, October 26, 2009

Next Sunday

I will deliver the Lucy I carpet which I recently stitcehd to the lady whom I stitched it for ( as she is not able to do so for health reasons ). She has patiently waited; due to several causes I was not able to deliver it sooner.
Here are two pics of it :
The second pic was taken in my own big dolls house. It has a beautiful stairwell with lots of "faux marble " and daylight comes in from the windows and doors on two sides, so basically it is a kind of EZ cube and very nice to use for photographing miniatures.
The chairs are from Robert Longstaff in the UK ( he sells beautiful kits ); the chair seats were stitched after a design by Annelle Ferguson , published in this book by Nick and Esther Forder. It is still available and very much worth your money ! ( Ummm , I am definitely not a shareholder ).

So , next week we hope to show you the carpet in its rightful home , if I am allowed to , of course.


  1. The carpet is gorgeous, you did a wonderful job with it. :)

  2. Thank you Dale !I am really curious how the carpet will like its new home :-)

  3. La alfombra muy elegante, los gatos, los perros etc.. todo precioso,me ha parecido un blog estupendo, el punto de cruz es mi pasión, disfruto mucho haciendo obras de arte con la aguja.
    Un abrazo