Sunday, January 31, 2016

finished the AA

And cannot wait until I have some halfway decent pictures to show, I am so happy I got through it after all problems I came upon sttching it :-) ! I really hope to do some better pics later, in real daylight etc.
The design is by Nicola Mascall ( the  problems were NOT due to her, honest, it was entirely me. Breaking an arm is definitely not a good plan if you want to do stitching, and getting mojo going again afer operation , rehab , took its own sweet time )

Anyway, here goes :

                                                    This is it, glory be !!!

And this is where it is going to live for the time being :

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hmmm, late again...

Honestly I had hoped to be able to post earlier. I made up two kits by Arjen Spinhoven , a table and a drawer-chest. The making up-part was the easy one, but painting them was quite a different animal ! I ended up throwing the chest out ( it is no fault of Arjen's, just mine :( )

Here is the table

Not a great pic, but I had nuff after 8 tries or so  ! :

And , this week , two other dollies by Debbie Dixon-Paver did arrive, hale and healthy :

                               Anne of Green Gables ( complete with very small freckles...):

                                                         and this beautifl Edwardian lady :